Kids Cook Real Food: Your Kids Can Do More Than Lick The Bowl!

It was about two years ago when I happened to stumble across the Kids Cook Real Food site and I am so glad that I did. It has helped make a tremendous difference in the confidence my kids have with their cooking skills as well as taught me a few tips and tricks along the way.

Although I have four kids who are grown and taking care of themselves I always felt like I wasn’t ‘doing enough‘ in the kitchen skills area. Thanks to Katie I am able to teach my kiddos skills and make it fun for everyone. We have incorporated the lessons into our homeschooling and they always look forward to their KCRF lesson.

My youngest was about 4 when we started the program and he is a budding chef. All of my kiddos can make easy lunches now and many of them are moving on to more advanced skills. They can all use a knife too! Even my special needs son is becoming more and more confident in his abilities around the kitchen.

I love being able to use our meal prep time as a positive learning experience rather than constantly shooing the kids out of the kitchen… I still do send them out on occasion as our kitchen can get really crowded rather quickly. They can all help in their own way from peeling potatoes for Mashed Potatoes to getting the Quick & Easy Garlic Bread  ready to put in the oven. Katie has tons of great recipes that we’ve enjoyed as well like her Homemade Ranch Dressing and some Grain-Free recipes like the Grain-free Christmas Cake Recipe.

It’s not all about cooking though as they are learning about making better food choices that will help them as they grow into adults. We’ve also created so many special memories in the kitchen that we might not have made if it weren’t for this program.


This was truly an investment that I am so glad I made… I know my kids, and their future spouses, will thank me later. Hurry and check out the site because the enrollment period won’t be open for long!

Curious about what your kids can do in the kitchen?

Want to get your kids in the kitchen this holiday season but don’t know where to start? Here’s a handy “Ages & Stages” guide for kids’ kitchen skills –>

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