Does the moon affect your mood?

I don’t know about you but I’ve always felt that the moon does play a big role in how we feel… I truly believe we are more connected than a lot of science can prove. I see it in my kids too.

Just the other night we were at a dance and my 16-year-old special needs child was being CRAZY… I mean over the top CRAZY! He hadn’t started howling at the moon and pretending to change into a werewolf but we were getting close!

Halloween2019, Halloween, Werewolf, Child, Forest

I happened to comment that it must be the moon and I asked if it was close to a full moon… everyone said, ‘NO‘, so then I felt kinda stupid for even saying it. I just attributed it to the time change which always throws things for a loop around here.

Full Moon, Evening Sky, Moonlight, Moon

Thankfully we were able to calm him down using some our the parenting techniques we’ve been using with Positive Parenting Solutions. Click to read 7 Alternative Discipline Strategies to Spanking.

Later I noticed that the moon was indeed looking quite full and I decided to look it up:

‘2019 Dates, Times and Names. The next full moon will occur on November 12th at 8:34 AM ET and will be a Beaver Moon. Depending on the winter solstice, it is also known as the Frost Moon or Mourning Moon.’

Hmm… I guess I was right about the full moon thing but still not convincible to others around us. I think he is a little more sensitive to the lunar changes than most and I think we do see that a lot in the people around us.

According to this article from the Farmer’s Almanac many professionals in the medical field also believe in the power of lunar influence:

‘Even today, many doctors, nurses, EMTs, police officers, and elementary school teachers agree that full Moons will bring bizarre behavior—43 percent of healthcare professionals believe in what some call “the lunar influence,” as do 81 percent of mental healthcare specialists.’

Science does not agree with this and has not been able to prove a direct link but I think I have seen enough proof around my house to support the theory.

It looks like the next full moon will be on December 12 so I know to be prepared for that date. I really need to make sure my next calendar has the moon phases on it for sure!

How do you feel bout lunar influence? Let me know in the comments below.


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