Life Update: A Full Moon, Spongebob, and A B&E (with permission)

I was looking back through my posts to see when our last update was and if you don’t include A Series of Unexpected Events, Part 2, and Part 3 then I believe it would’ve been Life Update: A Jacuzzi, A Boy’s Night out, And Why We Don’t ‘Do’ Halloween which seems like it was forever ago.


I know last week I posted 35+ Freezer Meals In One Day! where I did give a couple of updates like Ms. Bella’s birthday:

img_9687And then Nanny J also had a birthday where we made her a cute little gift out of items that we had:


A cute teddy bear made from a Norwex Body Cloth, some lotion samples, and a bracelet. In that post I also had some of our budding photographer’s shots… he really loves taking pictures of animals. If you haven’t checked out my Norwex site you should probably go ahead and do that NOW. Make sure to sign up for my newsletter because there are a TON of great sales coming up!

That night we had one of our freezer mealsHam & Cheese Potato BakeIt was soo good! I got the top a little extra brown and that was Mr. Awesome’s favorite part. We had leftovers for lunch the next day and I had enough for my lunch the day after too! This one is definitely going on repeat for our menu!

The FULL MOON seems to make everything and everyone so crazy around here. I can’t even begin to tell you what happened. A couple of the kids were CRAZY and WILD and Momma was just about to pull her hair out! I do have a post coming up about Lunar Influence.


I don’t remember much of Tuesday except that I was busy trying to figure out where to put all of those freezer meals and I was fighting with the internet. I ended up on the phone with customer service and on chat for 5-6 hours that day BEFORE they finally agreed to send someone out.

The tech came out late in the evening and with the time change, it was getting DARK really fast. He didn’t see any problem at first and was about to give us his personal number so we could call him when it was acting up when it CRASHED again. He found so many errors he said he honestly didn’t know how we even had any internet service at all.

Since it was dark already he said he would come back the next day, if that was OK.

We had some fried pork chops, mashed potatoes, and green beans for dinner that night. Mr. Awesome had been complaining that he missed having fried foods so I made an exception. There were no LEFTOVERS!


We pulled out some of the  Baked Oatmeal Applesauce Muffins for breakfast. Everyone loved them but they suggested that we need to add some raisins to them the next time make them!

The tech returned and again he found numerous errors… more than he had ever anticipated. He was tracing the errors here and there when he finally decided to just start replacing lines.

It appears that part of the problem was because when the previous lines were installed a couple of years ago the original tech had not taken out or unhooked the old wiring. This causes a back feed and was messing with the signal… all I really know is that it is working much better now.

I have been so much more productive online this week and it feels good to actually be able to get a little work done… it was kind of funny trying to explain to the tech what I do and what I need my internet to do but he kinda seemed to understand. I have been AMAZED to see the increase in my blog traffic and Pinterest views since my productivity has INCREASEDCRAZY!

I also worked on getting all of the freezer meals put into the freezers as they had been in the refrigerators. I didn’t have quite enough room without doing some major reorganization so we ate one of them for dinner, Stuffed Shells.

I didn’t fix any sides but some buttered bread. We still had enough leftovers for lunch the next day. This one will be added to the repeating menu as well! Mr. Awesome just suggested that I add a little more cheese to the top… this was one of the meals where I was running short on cheese. I had planned to add more before baking but hadn’t been to the store again yet.

That’s one way to fix something that causing an issue… eat it!


This past Thursday Mr. William had a dentist appointment. He was SUPER anxious because it was a new dentist and he often doesn’t do well with NEW things. I was lucky that Mr. Awesome was able to keep the other kiddos at home so I could FOCUS all of my attention on Mr. William.

He got a bit NERVOUS when they were doing the x-rays but he did fine. His appointment went well and he had NO CAVITIES! He does need to work on his brushing a little bit. We don’t use a ‘traditional toothpaste’ as one of the kids had some issues with Flouride a few years back and switched to this brandMy kids love the lemon flavor!

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Mr. William and I also stopped at the bread store to stock up on a few items. The store was almost completely our of regular loaf bread so we ended up with a lot of wheat bread and just before we finished checking out they had found two loaves of white bread so I grabbed them… sorry folks! After that, we stopped by the post office to pick up a couple of packages. We had some school supplies and some Christmas gifts that had come in. I have probably finished 80-90% of our Christmas shopping although I can’t promise that I’ll be able to find it all if this house doesn’t get here soon!

When we returned home, I made lunch for everyone and sent the kids to their beds for a nap. Everyone has been a little under the weather which has made them super grouchy. This wasn’t the only reason though… we needed to fix the toilet. If the kids were down for naps it would make the job that much easier.


I went to town to grab the parts we needed and when I returned Mr. Awesome and I set to work. The hardest part was to get the bolts off as they were rusted. We ended up using a hacksaw to cut the bolts which was no easy task. Once that was completed we removed the toilet and began to check for the problem… if you follow me on Instagram you probably already know what I found:


Yep, one of the kiddos had indeed flushed part of a hanger down. I managed to fish it out with a coat hanger as it was caught in the bend of the toilet… that was not easy either. We did manage to get everything cleaned out and get the toilet reinstalled well before naptime was over and now we have working toilet again.

The kids were a little worried as they had heard me mention to Mr. Awesome that we needed to clean out the outhouse and get it back in working order… lol. Mr. Awesome did hurt his back during this project so please pray for him!


The bathroom still needs some major work but it will need to wait until we can get moved as we just can’t go without a toilet for the time we need to renovate the bathroom. 

That evening Mr. Awesome surprised me by taking me out to dinner at one of our favorite places, Ballyhoo Grill. We usually just order a few appetizers as our meal because they are so good!

After dinner, we went to one of my favorite stores, Books A Million, and found quite a few interesting books. We also went to Walmart to pick up a few things and then we headed home. While we were out we did see a few things that might make good Christmas gifts as well.

I later found out that something else had been planned for that night but Mr. Awesome’s injury kept him from doing it.

The kids had meatball sandwiches with potato chips for dinner while they were at home with the babysitter. I don’t believe there were any leftovers that night either!


On Friday my son-in-law graduated from his training and that means he and my daughter will be relocating to Kansas soon! I’m trying not to cry as I think about it. I know we have to let go of them at some point but it never seems to be the right time when it happens… you always seem to want to hang on to them just a little bit more.

This was one of my motivations for posting as many new recipes to the blog as I have. My daughter is ALWAYS asking for recipes and it is so much easier to just make a copy and give it to her but she won’t be that close anymore. Now she can check the blog and print it out… something else I’ve been working on as well… and if she can’t find it then she can let me know what she needs and I’ll get it to her. I‘ll probably also share them on the blog as well.

Here are a few of the recipes I’ve posted recently:

One thing that I’ve found, as I’ve been updating the recipes to include a printable link, is that some of the links were not working! I don’t really know how many of them are like that on my blog, and I probably never will know for sure, but that is so FRUSTRATING. If you ever happen to find a broken link please let me know in the comments and I’ll work on getting it fixed ASAP!

We also had a square dance that night. We had a babysitter watch the kiddos as they were still a bit under the weather.

I knew it was going to be a busy day so I had planned ahead and pulled out another freezer meal, Beef Stroganoff. I made some green beans and rolls to go with it.  Apparently, everyone really enjoyed it as there wasn’t much left when we got home and all the rolls were gone. I think there may be enough for two or three lunches left.

We had been expecting to see some dirt for the house come this week but so far NOTHING has appeared. The weather has been a bit NASTY as well so maybe that had a part to play in it?


We had planned to go to a big dance on Saturday but some other things came up. Mr. Awesome had to go out of town that morning so I decided to help with a local vendor event, kids in tow, and I had a great time. I did have a little trouble getting everyone dressed that morning though:


We ate some of the loaded breakfast biscuits that morning. They were a hit with all but one of the kids. He ate a banana instead and everyone was happy. We also took some of our PB&Js from the freezer to carry with us for lunch.

I am constantly gathering new ideas for when I can venture out on my own. I really enjoy educating people about Norwex and its mission. I really don’t mind if they don’t buy our products as long as they are learning a little bit about reducing chemicals to improve the quality of their lives and the lives of their family members!

Was taking the kids a good idea? Ehhh… the jury is still out on that one. Some of the kids did really well, one of them was super grumpy, and another was just a MESS. The ones who did really well kept themselves occupied under the table… they pretended to be on a picnic. They all enjoyed looking around the flea market and they got to take their picture with SPONGEBOB!


I also saw some really cute things that I wanted to get but I didn’t… these little snowmen were adorable though:


I completely missed the bears… I might’ve gotten them if I had seen them!

We had still planned on going to the dance that evening but I really wasn’t feeling well and the kids were SUPER GRUMPY! Mr. Awesome got home later than expected and he also wasn’t feeling well so we just decided to stay home because we knew that we had a big day planned for Sunday.

That night we had a simple meal of sweet and sour meatballs with some macaroni and cheese. There are a few leftovers in the fridge… between the beef stroganoff and meatballs I should have lunch covered for today!


Oh man, I woke up feeling MISERABLE. The dog wouldn’t be QUIET and was whining so bad because she doesn’t like to ‘sleep in’. Then it was the kids and all Momma wanted to was SLEEP!

I gave up on my plan and took Ms. Comet for a walk. The good thing about it being so cold is that she gets her business finished quickly. Then I set to work on making some Scrambled EggsCheesy Grits, and toast. I just had a cup of Dandy Morning Coffee and a couple of Ibuprofen.

Shortly after sitting for a while our doorbell rang… guess who it was?


It was big sister, Ana, and her husband, Cody! We had plans to visit the MOSH as one last family outing before they leave. This month they had an astronaut exhibit which the kids really enjoyed. We also got there just in time for an animal talk and everyone got to pet a bearded lizard. Here is a quick slideshow of some of the things that we saw and did:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After the MOSH we went to visit a couple of my sisters… that’s where things went a little crazy. When we got to my sister’s house she wasn’t there. She called me and ended up having me check her windows to see if any were open… well, I found one that was cracked open a tad and she told me to climb in!

She assured me that it was going to be OK even though I was afraid I’d set off an alarm and be swarmed with cops. After discussing all of the possible outcomes I decided, I should go ahead and just do it as it was pretty cold outside. When I was midway through the window one of my daughters came around the corner… yeah, probably not the best parenting moment for your kid to watch you breaking into a house! When I told big sis Olivia what I had done she didn’t believe me… lol.

I did get inside and unlocked the door, no cops came, and we ended up having a pretty good time. The kids love playing with their cousins and us sisters love running our mouths and catching up. We even added another sister through video chat… lol.

We had a dinner of sauteed veggies, baked spaghetti squash with alfredo sauce, baked chicken breast, and some garlic bread. While it wasn’t a winner with everyone it was pretty good and it was different. I will be trying spaghetti squash again here soon. I think if I put my special spaghetti sauce with it we will get a different reaction.

We had a late night last night and everyone was ready to get home and go to bed. As I am finishing this the kids are still sleeping. I’m feeling a bit under the weather today as I finally gave up fighting this cold last night. I spent the night sitting up in a recliner because that was the only way I could get comfortable and still breathe. As much as I’d love to sit around and jaw with you a bit more, I really think I want to take my hot coffee and snuggle with a blanket for a bit!

I hope you all have a blessed week!


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