I’ve been dreaming of a …

I know a lot of people have been dreaming of a white Christmas but not me! I’ve been dreaming of a big dump truck. Well, actually several big dump trucks full of DIRT!

I know once the dirt gets here it shouldn’t be too much longer before our house finally arrives. If you’ve been following along with our ‘Series of Unexpected Events‘ posts then you know that we’ve been waiting for a while now. Ever since learning that the dirt should be coming within the week, I’ve been dreaming and daydreaming about dump trucks. I’ve been a little under the weather so every time I happen to doze off I wake up thinking that I hear a dump truck but every time I walk out the door to see that there is nothing sight.

I’ve really been trying so hard to be patient but it is getting more and more difficult as more time passes. I’ve really tried not to make plans for the house but I did have some hopes … one of the hopes was to be able to throw a nice surprise going away party for my daughter and son-in-law before they left. They are leaving in less than a week so that’s not gonna happen.

Another hope was to have Thanksgiving dinner in our new house but that doesn’t look like it will be a possibility either. We would really love to have Christmas there but we aren’t getting our hopes too high!

We did get a bit of good news yesterday though. We have our new 911 address and our septic permit was approved. Now we are just waiting on our building permitand our dirt which should be here any day now.

Well, early this morning while I was laying in bed, feeling even worse than I had yesterday, I was startled by a loud metal BANG. It shook our little house so I was wondering what the heck it was. Not to worry, as Nanny J texted me almost immediately to let me know that the first load of dirt had arrived! (Think of the AOL ‘You’ve got mail’ alert… except it was ‘You’ve got dirt’… lol.) YAY!!!!!

The noise woke the dog who began whining and the local vagabond duck started raising a fuss under the house because of the commotion so I figured I might as well get up and get going. This was much easier said than done though as my body didn’t want to leave my cozy warm bed. I did manage to get up and get myself dressed before taking Ms. Comet out for her morning walk.

Here is what we found:



Such a beautiful sight to behold… OK, so maybe beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder this time but we are truly excited that things seem to finally be headed in the right direction! We are also so grateful for everyone that has lifted us up in prayer because we really need it right now. This has been an extremely stressful process and we aren’t through yet as the house is gonna need some work when it gets here.

Please stay tuned for more updates to come… we are cautiously optimistic that things will be moving a little faster from here on out. For now, though I’m gonna try to snuggle on the couch with my blanket and a cup of coffee, which feels so good on my sore throat, and wait for the kiddos to wake up. I’ve already gotten breakfast sitting on the counter for them so maybe I will get to enjoy a few minutes of rest. 

We also have an early morning Walmart Grocery Pickup scheduled as Mr. Awesome has had a hankering for some Loaded Potato Soup which we will hopefully be having for dinner tonight. I’ll try to take the kids out at some point so they can watch some live dump truck action as this will sort of tie in with our By the Shores of Silver Lake Adventure Adventure. I’m sure they will enjoy watching this part of the process too!

Please continue to keep us, and the crews working around us right now,  in your thoughts and prayers. Remember to let me know in the comments below or shoot me an email at happy2bmyownboss@yahoo.com with the subject ‘Prayer Request’ if you know someone who would like to be added to our Prayer Requests list. 

We hope you have a blessed week!

I just got the message that our pickup order is ready so I told the kids that they really needed to get up and get dressed. They are all scrambling down the ladder and getting dresses. I may or may not have told them I had a surprise for them… maybe they’ll get to see a dump truck in action on our way to Walmart? If not, there’ll be plenty of other chances today as we are expecting many many more loads of dirt to come!

We did end up getting more loads of dirt plus we ended up with a dump truck stuck where our future bedroom will be:


Thankfully he was able to get someone to come and help him out as we didn’t have anything that could pull such a big truck!


He ended up coming back on Thursday to finish with the dirt so now we have some HUGE piles of dirt! Yay for dirt!

Sigh… there have been no more updates since then and we are just trying to be as patient as we can be.

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