Our 2019 Thanksgiving Dinner Menu with recipe links!

Well, it’s about that time of year when families far and near will be gathering around the table to enjoy each other’s company over a delicious meal. This year will be a little bittersweet for me as I know that I will be missing at least two of my kiddos plus their spouses for dinner… sniff, sniff. I do know that they are growing up and their lives are taking them other places so I am so very proud of them but I’m really gonna miss them… in fact, I already miss them and they aren’t even gone yet!

We will be having our dinner this year and we will have plenty of family favorites to enjoy. I was really HOPING and PRAYING that we would be having it in our new home but that doesn’t seem like it will happen this year… sigh. I am so THANKFUL that we are getting a new home though and I’m really trying to be as patient as I can be and PRAYING that NOTHING else comes up… the survey crew did come out so hopefully, we will be back on track soon!

I just now sat down to go ahead and plan out our menu so that I can start preparing for it. Man has this made me HUNGRY! Some of these recipes haven’t been made in a while and some of them are only made around the holidays so I am ready to get them in my belly because they are so GOODYou can check out our menu from last year right HERE.

Feel free to use these recipes for your own dinner, you never know when you might just find a new family favorite. If you need more inspiration check out some of our other recipes HERE or HERE. I’ll keep updating this list as our plans may change a bit between now and then and I’ll also try to get the recipe links posted for the dishes that don’t have them!

Our 2019 Thanksgiving Dinner Menu



I’m sure other people will bring some of their favorite beverages along with them. I’m really in the mood for some eggnog but I don’t think I will be able to convince everyone else to join me right now.

Main Course:

We usually stick with the traditional fare for the main meal.


I’m sure Mr. Awesome will probably add a dish or two and if he does then I’ll try to update this list.


I have been trying to stay away from the bread but I know Thanksgiving just wouldn’t be the same without some freshly baked yeast rolls!


Sometimes we have more desserts than ‘real food’, I think we should have one day for the turkey dinner and then another day just for the desserts!

Whether this is your first Thanksgiving together or you’ve lost count we want to wish you well and we pray that you are BLESSED beyond measure!

What are your family’s favorite Thanksgiving dishes? Post a link to the comments below if you like!


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