The Eagle Has Landed… quite a few times!

This past weekend I went to a vendor event to help my Norwex sponsor. It was a very good experience and I gained quite a bit of knowledge and feel a little bit more comfortable with many of the products I had not had a chance to see in person before… I can TRULY say I am even more in love with this company than I was before and I’m looking forward to doing another event this weekend.

But this post isn’t about what I did Saturday morning… it is about what fun we had after I came home. The booth next to us had this eagle kite that kept leaning over and when I took a good look at it I realized that this would definitely be something the kiddos would LOVE so I bought it for $5.00!

They were so EXCITED to see what I had brought home for them… they loved this more than they loved the kettle corn and Amish donuts that I brought through the door. They wouldn’t stop BEGGING to go outside and play with it. I knew that earlier in the day it had been quite windy which would’ve been perfect for flying a kite but the wind had died down.

We decided to give it a go and luckily the wind picked up a bit while we were out there. They all loved the kite and had a blast running from one end of the field to the other… we might as well make the best use of our future home site until the house is actually here, right?

With all the screaming that the kids did our doggie thought the ‘eagle’ was actually trying to attack them and she did her best to get to it first! A couple of the kids also seemed to think that the eagle wanted to nest in one of the trees but luckily Mr. Awesome was able to coax him back down. Thankfully no eagles, or kids, were harmed in the making of these videos!

Here’s a couple of videos of all the fun that we had:

I was playing around and the black & white version was just too cute not to share with everyone!

When was the last time you flew a kite? I had forgotten just how much fun this simple activity could be. You can shop for eagle kites on Amazon by clicking HERE or check them out on eBay with this link HERE.

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