Celebrating Our New Home with Some New Flavors

Last week I had shared some of our adventures with you and we had planned to have breaded chicken, Super Yummy Caulitaters and Oven Roasted Green Beans.

That was the plan until the UPS man showed up with our Hello Fresh delivery… I had completely forgotten that Mr. Awesome and I had picked out a couple of meals. Actually, I had let him pick out the meals and I thought they had sent the wrong ones until Mr. Awesome verified that they were indeed the meals he had chosen.

Then came the timing… we definitely didn’t plan this delivery out well. Mr. Awesome had an out of town meeting for the weekend which, of course, also happened to coincide with a very important date we had been waiting on for quite some time now. I was afraid that the meals might not be quite as good if we waited until he got back home and I really wanted him to try them since he was the one who selected them.

We decided to go ahead and make both meals for Thursday’s dinner along with some fried chicken for the kids. Mr. Awesome also grabbed a couple of steaks in the chance that he wouldn’t care for the meals. I moved the planned dinner to another day as we already had all of the ingredients here for it.

So what was in the box?

We had ingredients for the Maple and Rosemary Pork Cutlets with Couscous and a Creamy Apple Salad and also for the Pork Teriyaki Meatballs with Carrots and Zucchini over Sesame Lime Rice. It would’ve been a very hard decision to decide which one to make first as they both looked amazing.

After reading over the recipe cards I decided to start with the pork teriyaki meatballs.

All of the ingredients looked fresh and the directions were fairly easy to follow.

After prepping the veggies I made the meatballs and got the jasmine rice started before starting on the next meal.

The ingredients for the pork cutlets also looked very fresh and very appetizing. The recipe instructions were fairly easy to follow and I went ahead and got all of the vegetables prepped and ready

I also started the couscous which was something I had never made before and then got to work with the remaining preparations for the meals.

Things got a little crazy in the kitchen as I was browning meatballs and preparing the pork cutlets to the directions. It can be pretty intimidating when working with a recipe that you’ve never made before but when you’re doing it times two things definitely get crazy.

About 30 minutes later I had finished preparing both meals and had the fried chicken ready to eat as well.

How did they turn out?

Here is a picture of the maple and rosemary pork cutlets with couscous and creamy apple salad:

I really didn’t think the flavors of the salad were going to come together but after sitting in the bowl for a few minutes while I was plating the food they really did complement each other very well.

And here is a picture of the pork teriyaki meatballs with the carrots and zucchini over sesame lime rice again another flavor combination that I wasn’t sure was going to be a big hit.

What did everyone think?

Both meals were a big hit with everyone even with Mr. awesome who decided to save the steaks for another day. I added a little bit of Sriracha sauce to my plate and I loved the contrast between the spicy and sweet.

We had never tried couscous before but we did like it and we will be adding this new food to our menu plans in the future.

The one thing Mr. awesome did not care for was the carrots, so if I do make the meatball meal again I will definitely sauté him some zucchini minus carrots for his plate.

All in all, we loved the meals and the freshness of the vegetables was great. The only thing that we both noticed was that the pork cutlets were a little bit on the tough side but other than that the meals were wonderful and we will definitely be ordering again soon.

These meals were a great way to celebrate our good news a little bit early without the expense of going out and dragging all of the kids out to a restaurant. The recipes are fairly simple and I do believe I will be able to re-create them again in the kitchen and add my own touches to make them a meal that we will enjoy even more the next time around.

So have you tried hello fresh yet? If so, what is your favorite meal so far?

We had planned on publishing this post last weekend but our closing was delayed!

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