Monday Message: Seeing Your Blessings Through The Tears

I had planned to just ‘chill out’ this weekend and maybe work on our next Little House on the Prairie Adventure but lately, things rarely go as planned around here.

Friday had been rearranged for a very important event that didn’t happen because of a HUGE misunderstanding. To say I was disappointed would be a HUGE understatement but this event has been rescheduled for Wednesday, so fingers crossed that everything goes as planned.

Friday evening I had been binge-watching some Fixer Upper when a text came through. It was from Southwestern Produce to let us know that they had rescheduled the veggie pickup due to bad weather… well, that threw a little wrench in Saturday’s plans as I had already scheduled a few other things around the pickup but I quickly got to work a rescheduled things so I wouldn’t have to get up quite so early… yay! I still need to figure out a plan for next weekend as I already had plans for Saturday morning…

After the kids were in bed, I decided to go ahead and take a nice long hot shower and try out my new Norwex body cloths. I had heard that if you used them to exfoliate before shaving then you would have smoother legs for longer… it’s true. Almost three days later and I barely have any stubble… They also work well to remove makeup… even waterproof mascara!

That night my stomach started to hurt so bad… I guess those treats from the bread store do not agree with me anymore. I will miss my carrot cakes but I’m sure with a little bit of experimenting I will find something similar that is THM approved and my tummy will be happy again. I was up most of the night throwing up… I have such a bad gag reflex that if I even hear someone vomiting I will start myself, then once I start I can’t stop… not fun.

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Saturday morning I woke up in the recliner feeling as though a herd of horses had taken turns kicking me in the stomach. I woke up early even though I’d planned on sleeping in but Ms. Comet has her routines and she lets everyone know when something is off.

After bringing her in from her walk I got a phone call from Mr. Awesome who was out of town for a meeting. He needed us to come to where he was which was about 3 hours away… sigh, I really didn’t feel like going but decided it might be fun to go and there was a square dance scheduled for that night as well.

I had to go out to the shed to grab the kids’ suitcase which is always half-prepped for travel. While I was out there I decided, for some unknown reason, to straighten things up a bit as it has gotten a bit cluttered from some shopping that I have done over the past few months.

Within a few minutes I had it looking pretty good and I just had one more box to move… a very heavy box. As I was moving the box I lost my balance and started to fall. I let go of the box, the box fell forward, and I went backward. I put an arm out… even though I knew I shouldn’t, and landed on my extended hand which snapped my wrist the wrong way. OUCH!!!

I got myself up and brushed off and grabbed the suitcase to head to the house. I had a good bruise and scrape on my left arm and it feels like a bad sprain. My arm was in a bit of pain but there was so much to do and just a little time to get it done. I still needed to run an errand and go by Walmart as I had promised to take a neighbor by there. While we were there I grabbed an arm brace and an ACE bandage to put on my arm in the hopes it would quit throbbing. I also took a couple of ibuprofen to help with the pain.

After finishing up our errands we headed on our drive. About midway, we stopped to go potty and grab a bite to eat. Traveling with all of these kids can be a little crazy so I decided to stop at a McDonald’s that was near the exit. After dragging all the kids to the restroom and coming out to go ahead and order some lunch I noticed someone had my oldest son, who has special needs, by the arm… I almost freaked out. I’ve heard all of those CRAZY stories and my mind was flooded with a million different thoughts.

As it turned out it was the manager and she was very helpful. She made sure to help us get our food ordered and even helped me get the drinks and all. It was extremely nice to find such a friendly person on such a CRAZY day. We got our order and were on our way again.


As we got close to our destination we saw some dinosaurs along the road… the kids really loved this and we plan to try to make another trip down to visit this place soon!

Upon arrival at our destination, I was a bit grumpy… really grumpy! My arm was killing me and my back was starting to ache as well and Mr. Awesome was not anywhere to be found! It turns out that I had made it there sooner than he had expected and he had gone to lunch. Yeah, I wasn’t really a pleasant person and I have apologized for my mood a couple of times.

Mr. Awesome gave me the hotel key and I punched the address into the GPS and gladly headed that way while he stayed for the second half of his meeting. I was really looking forward to getting everything unpacked and relaxing for a few minutes until we needed to pick up Mr. Awesome.

Well, as luck would have it our GPS was not cooperating and after making 3 U-turns I decided to head back to where Mr. Awesome was. I also stopped and grabbed a few snacks for the kiddos.

Mr. Awesome was surprised that we had waited in the parking lot and he thought it was kind of funny when I told him about the GPS malfunction… I really wasn’t in the mood to laugh.

I gave him the van keys and he took us to the hotel. When we made it to the room the hotel key card was not working which made me glad that we hadn’t made it to the hotel earlier. I would have been so upset if I had gotten there and couldn’t get into the room.

We got unpacked and got everyone ready for the dance that evening. Then we all went to Denny’s for dinner. I found myself getting grumpier and grumpier because I really didn’t feel well and I had already taken a few more ibuprofen to try to ease the pain. When I realized just how grumpy I was being I felt even worse and I apologized to Mr. Awesome.


After eating we headed to the dance and had a great time. Everyone there was excited to see the kids and the smiles on their faces made me feel better than I had all day long. Then Mr. Awesome took me to meet the caller, Tom Miller, and he actually recognized me as we are Facebook friends… lol. That was actually pretty neat!

We got our picture taken with him and he took up with William. He then asked to take some pictures with the kids and they were ALL being so SILLY! It was a great night and probably one of the best dances I’ve ever been to!

Here’s a video I found on Youtube from that night…

Here’s another one:

We are in the far back corner… I’m in turquoise with that REALLY HANDSOME TALL GUY!

We ended the night with a trip to Denny’s for ice cream but unfortunately, they were out of vanilla ice cream. I had my heart set on some apple crisp but I didn’t think it would be quite the same with chocolate or strawberry ice cream so I settled with some cheesecake.

We headed back to the hotel and the kids were so ready for bed! I was ready too but I was so uncomfortable that I couldn’t sleep well and when my alarm went off at 6:30 I was so glad to be able to take a nice hot shower… I really wish I had thought to take a soak in the tub the night before though.

Mr. Awesome had one more meeting that we all attended and then we headed back home. My arm was throbbing so badly on the trip home… I had cut myself back to one ibuprofen at a time because I know how my stomach is and I knew that it would start hurting if I continued to take them two at a time on a consistent basis. We got home and caught up with Papa O and Nanny J before unloading the van.

I was excited to get the mail from Saturday as the optic scarf I had ordered came in. I thought this would be perfect for Mr. Awesome to keep on his bag to use for cleaning his square dance equipment. He seems to love it so far.

Norwex has a variety of scarves in different colors and patterns. I think I may know a few people who may get them for Christmas this year. They are great to have on hand for cleaning your glasses and tech devices while on the go. 

Once the kids helped unload I gave them each a couple of assignments so that everything could get put back where it needed to be. The kids headed out to play and I sat down to rest. I wrapped my arm with the ACE bandage which felt so much better than the brace had and I dozed in the recliner for a bit.

Later that evening I made a quick dinner of baked chicken and baked potatoes. I really wasn’t feeling well and my stomach had started to hurt again. Needless to say, I didn’t get much sleep last night because I was in so much pain with my stomach. I can say that it has finally eased off but I have not been able to take any more Ibuprofen today so my arm is still a bit sore but better than it was before.

Last night was so rough though… I really had to remind myself to just relax and breathe. As I sat on the bed this morning I noticed a big fish crane out on the dock. I watched him for a good while and that helped me to relax quite a bit and made me more determined to have a good day today…

I also tried my best to reflect back on this weekend and to think about how much I have been blessed. I am truly so BLESSED in so many ways. I was reminded of this a couple of different times when strangers came up to compliment our family and to tell me just how much Mr. Awesome adores me… yes, I am so BLESSED. Sometimes it takes rough times for us to see just how blessed we are.

Even though the pain was bad at times I told myself that it wasn’t gonna be any better if I just laid in bed. I’ve dealt with chronic pain for so long that I know that half of the battle is just showing up. I gave myself several pep talks and got out of bed and began to get ready for the day. There have been many times throughout the day that I’ve really just wanted to give in and go back to bed but I haven’t and I am feeling much better than I did this morning.

Today is a day that I am so glad for routines (and freezer meals) as I really relied on them to help me get through the day and get everything finished that needed to be completed. Right now the kids are laying down for some quiet time while I finish up this post. They are super excited to go to the dance tonight as they are in class right now. A lot of the dancers from this weekend were so excited to learn that the kids will be dancing soon and they invited us back again.

The laundry has been washed and is hanging on the porch… it is pretty humid today so it isn’t drying very fast at all. The dog has had a bath and the house has been fairly straightened up. I also have some Crockpot Italian Chicken on for dinner, this was one of the freezer meals we made earlier this monthand I will put on a pot of rice later and some green beans. We also pulled a pack of frozen rolls out of the freezer.

I think I may go ahead and try to get a little nap in before quiet time is over as I really am quite EXHAUSTED.

I hope you all have a blessed week and please stay tuned for some important updates later this week.


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