Life Update: Dentist Appointments, Bread Store, and New Glasses

This post actually started out as a different post but it got so long that I broke it down and decided to share this part of it with you today!

Things have been SO CRAZY BUSY here lately… I can’t tell you about everything we’ve been up to but I will let you know about a few things we have been doing down below. We are so excited about EVERYTHING that is going on and we just can’t wait to SPILL THE BEANS with EVERYONE!

For now, though I’ll tell you about some of our latest adventures here in our little cabin.

A trip to the movies

We took them ALL to see the new Lion King and it was so GOOD! My oldest son was a HUGE Lion King fan when he was little… and I believe he may still be very partial to the original but my younger kids only knew about the new Disney version of the series.

Here’s a trailer for it if you haven’t seen it yet:

I absolutely loved this new version of the original movie. Everything was so real and even though it was pretty much just a remake of the original it just seemed so much better! If you haven’t been to see it then you really should put this on your To-Do list… I know I’ll be buying the DVD as soon as I can as this is one movie that I will definitely watch again which is saying a lot as I am not a fan of reruns.

They had previews for a couple of other movies like Playing with Fire, Mulan, and the Maleficent that we want to see as well. Going to the movies with this crowd can get rather expensive so we only treat ourselves to this every now and then.

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A birthday in the house


We also had a birthday in the cabin this week. Monday was Ms. Comet’s first birthday! The only reason we actually know this is because she was actually born at the shelter that we adopted her from back in February.

Her adoption was quite an interesting story and honestly if I had known we would still be in this little cabin right now I probably wouldn’t have even considered adopting her but thank heavens for the things we don’t know!

I think her adoption story post may actually be stuck in my Drafts so I’ll try to check that out soon!

Homeschool Adventures

We also just finished up our ‘On the Banks of Plum Creek Adventure‘ and the kids have been begging to get started on the next one. The only problem is that I haven’t had a chance to get it finished yet… I actually haven’t even started it. I guess we all know what I’ll be busy working on this weekend so be prepared to be inundated with Little House posts in the upcoming weeks!

Dentist Appointments, Bread Store, and New Glasses

The kids also had a couple of dentist appointments this week. I went ahead and just scheduled an ‘Errand Day‘ into our homeschool week. This is so easy to do when we use the Homeschool Manager app!

We went to the dentist which ended up taking a little longer than normal. Then we made a trip to the bread store where we stocked up on some of our favorite treats… not THM approved but I think a little treat every now and then will be OK. An added bonus is that they offer an additional 20% off on Wednesdays! Whoo-hoo!

After the bread store, we headed in the other direction to pick up some new glasses for Ms. Caitlyn. I probably drove more yesterday than I have in the past two months!

Don’t her glasses make her look so grown up?


This reminds me that I still need to make some eye doctor appointments for a couple of the other kiddos!

Chat with Grandma

On the way home, we called Grandma and chatted with her for a bit. We filled her in on some of the things that have been happening and updated her on the progress of our ‘special project’ that we hope to reveal very soon!

We also chatted about some of my latest cleaning accomplishments with our new products.

We use a clip-on hands-free device for chatting while driving.

Cleaning with Norwex

As many of you know I recently signed up to be an Independent Sales Consultant with Norwex. I can’t even begin to tell you how much we LOVE these products and I can’t even being to describe the difference they have made in lives.

I’ve been a little LAZY lately when it comes to my housekeeping… we keep everything fairly clean but there are cobwebs here and there and our house probably wouldn’t come close to passing a white glove test but thanks to Norwex that may soon change!

One of the first areas I tackled was our messy 15 passenger van, if you follow me on Facebook then you’ve probably already seen some of the pics but here are the results:

We also tackled a few areas in the house:


Yesterday after we got home I tackled a couple more places:

Jacob helped me with the bathroom cleaning and really wanted to make a YouTube video about it but I just wasn’t feeling it yesterday… that kid is determined to be a YouTube star!

All of this with mostly just a rag and water! AMAZING!!! I also cut one of the dish rags in half and gave it to Ms. Caitlyn to start using for dishes… she seemed excited to be the first to use something. Anything I can do to motivate them to do chores is a WIN!

Anyways, it’s about time for me to get these kiddos started on some school work and I need to go pull some chicken out for dinner tonight. I think we are going to make some breaded chicken and serve it with some Super Yummy Caulitaters and Oven Roasted Green Beans. Oh my gosh! I’m making myself hungry just thinking about it…

I hope everyone has a wonderfully blessed day and I really hope that I can let this cat out the bag soon!

Check out the new products HERE.


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