Oh, What a day! Freezer meals, Pinterest Suspension, and No Toilet Paper

Oh my goodness, what a day I’ve had and it isn’t even been lunchtime yet. I actually went to bed early last night as I was just so exhausted. Mr. Awesome had a meeting and wouldn’t be home until late so I made the most of the evening.

The kids helped me make Chili Dog Casserole for dinner. We made it a little bit different as we just put the hotdogs into hotdog buns, instead of tortillas, and then spread the chili sauce on top and sprinkled with cheese before baking.

Mr. Awesome is not crazy about the tortilla version so we decided to give it a try this way and it was a WINNER!

We actually had enough leftover that we will be having this again for lunch today which is a GREAT thing!

Multitasking while dinner was in the oven

When we put the casserole in the oven we managed to get six more freezer meals prepared! I actually tried out a few from a freezer bundle pack that we just purchased from Jamerrill Stewart over at Large Family Table. I really admire all the work she is able to get done and love supporting other mom bloggers out there.

After feeding the kiddos I went ahead a browned up the 20 pounds of hamburger we had picked up on Sunday when we actually did TWO Walmart Grocery Pickups… the system was having some glitches and errors but thankfully they seem to have them worked out now.

In about 2 hours we ended up with 8 freezer meals, 4 dinners worth of browned hamburger, and a batch of spaghetti sauce! Not too bad… but this explains part of why I was so exhausted. The other reason is that I just haven’t been sleeping well lately.

We have two each of the following:

  • Italian chicken (we will serve this over rice)
  • Chicken Parmesan (similar to THIS RECIPE but we use chicken in place of the breaded eggplant)
  • Lasagna (made with our favorite spaghetti sauce)
  • Creamy Ranch Porkchops (very similar to THIS RECIPE minus the rice and we added a pack of dry ranch dressing – we will serve it with rice)

Plus browned hamburger for:

And a batch of spaghetti sauce that will make a super quick meal later this month. All of these can be paired with pasta or rice, a salad and/or some steamed veggies to make a well-rounded meal. The kids and Mr. Awesome will probably also enjoy some fresh rolls or buttered bread with their meals as well.

Getting back to today

Enough about what we did yesterday… this morning started about like any other day except that I woke up FREEZING! The AC had been left on all night and it was probably cold enough to hang meat… not good for me.

Once I managed to pull myself out of the bed and climb up to turn the AC off it was time to take the doggie out for her walk. Then back for my coffee and oatmeal.

Dandy Morning Coffee
As many of you know, I’ve really been trying hard to incorporate some of the Trim Healthy Mama ideas into my everyday diet. I need to have really like to have my morning coffee and I had switched over to the Dandy Blend before we started on these other diet changes so I wanted to try to make my creamer addiction a little bit healthier. You don’t have to add the ‘extra’ ingredients but they help to make this a vitamin-packed way to start your day. The Trim Healthy Mama books have a ton of ideas and flavor variations that you could try.

As I sat down to sip coffee and eat my oatmeal I worked on my email tasks and some other blogging related activities.

I really love looking through some of my old posts like this one HERE.

One of those involved me checking my Pinterest account so I could post a few recent blog posts to some boards. Well, while I was there I got distracted and starting pinning and then decided to check my notifications.

I have had quite a few new followers and decided to go ahead and follow them back like the good ‘Pinner’ I am. I also noticed a few more boards that I wanted to follow… you can probably guess what happened next…

Suspended from Pinterest?!

Everyone keeps joking that Pinterest is gonna ban me because I get so carried away pinning sometimes but I never really thought it would happen. I guess it was a reality as I found myself SUSPENDED!

Yep, I’ve been an avid Pinterest fan for over 8 or 9 years… maybe longer, maybe since they started… and I’ve never been suspended. Leave it to me to do get banned or suspended from Pinterest though.

Thankfully they have since fixed my account and said it was ‘mistakenly deactivated‘… Whew! I thought I had lost EVERYTHING and gosh knows I don’t have enough time in my days to go back and try to find all those wonderful things I’ve pinned to all of my boards.

The most HORRIBLE thing about this is that I lost ALL OF MY FOLLOWERS!!!! If you are on Pinterest please look me up and follow me again… thank you!

After reading a little more about this I realize it may have been because I had recently signed up for a trial with Coscheduler… maybe I actually was pinning too much between my manual pins and the ‘scheduled pins’? I have since ended my trial and don’t plan on purchasing.

After that scare, I figured that I should probably try and get to something a little more productive like homeschooling but I really had to PEE!

What didn’t I look before I sat down?


I went to our one little bathroom the moment I saw it was empty. I noticed that it wasn’t the only thing empty though.

Why is this such a hard thing to do?

First things first, I still had to pee and I was in a hurry so I didn’t check before I sat down…

Ewww… what did I just sit in?

If you’re a Momma of boys then you know that it is not a good thing to sit on a wet toilet seat. Luckily it seems that someone had just been playing with water and since the bathroom is so small the water had gotten EVERYWHERE.

Needless to say, I wasn’t a very happy Momma and this little experience prompted me to lead a quick bathroom training which involved:

  • Making sure EVERYONE knows to check the toilet seat and to wipe it if you make a MESS
  • Making sure EVERYONE knows how to change an empty toilet paper roll

Now they have NO EXCUSES… this doesn’t mean that I don’t expect I will always find a clean toilet seat and toilet paper but it should help a lot.

Next will be to show them ALL how to clean the bathroom with our new cleaning products!

Now we need to finish up our regularly scheduled school work and get on with our day which may include a NAP for me as I am already exhausted… What a day!

Did you notice our cute Dragon in the bathroom? Get yours HERE.


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