Our Favorite Five Fall Activities

Oh yes! I am so happy that fall is in the air. The weather is so much more pleasant here when it is just a little cooler and when the bugs quit swarming around. The weather is just perfect for a lot of our favorite outdoor activities like:

  1. Bonfires with a Weenie Roast
  2. Going camping
  3. Visiting the park
  4. Going to the zoo
  5. Going fishing


There is just something special about sitting around a bonfire that makes me want to have one every night! My kids love it when they get to roast hotdogs and make S’mores as well. I can’t wait to have our first one for the year.

This one isn’t really a favorite activity but the weather makes it nice to be able to get outside and organize our sheds and buildings. What are your favorite fall activities? Let me know in the comments below!

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