100 Days of Summer Freezer Meals – the series!

I know it’s the middle of summer but I just found this great program that I had to share! I’m always looking for ways to cut back on the craziness around here and I am a big supporter of meal planning. (I do apologize for dropping the ball lately on getting those posted but I promise you I have a very good reason which I’ll share soon!) The one thing I need to incorporate more into my meal planning is freezer cooking.

At MyFreezEasy.com you can find all kinds of help in this area and I’m loving this Summer Freezer Meals series. I have been trying to eat healthier and the whole family is getting on board with this change as well. Being prepared is half the battle when it comes to making healthy choices in the kitchen. It’s much more tempting to order pizza or grab something quick to make when you haven’t already planned out what’s for dinner. An easier solution would be to have something already prepped in the freezer for these situations.

Grab your FREE Guide to Freezer Cooking and Meal Planning Success (Yours FREE.  Pay only shipping.)

I admit that I’ve about used up all the freezer meals I made a few months ago and this series is just the motivation I needed to get myself back on track. Things have been so crazy here lately and it seems that if something can go wrong it will and has… just last week the dryer conked out on us so we’ve been air drying everything. We haven’t put up a clothesline so I’ve been using a couple of portable clothes drying racks set up on the porch. Well, of course, it has been very humid and we’ve had thunderstorms almost every day which has made this chore a little bit more difficult than it should be… that’s life though!

With this Summer Freezer Meals series, there’s nothing to worry about. Everything you need is right there and all you need to do is go grocery shopping and follow the directions. With the Walmart Grocery Pickup, you can get the grocery shopping done in a fraction of time… I’m patiently waiting for our local Walmart to start this service soon.

Check out the site, the workshops, and grab your Summer Freezer Meals series while you’re there!

Did you read the post about $5 Meal Plans? If not check it out HERE.

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