What are ketones (and are they healthy)?

If you’re up-to-date on health news or follow anyone in the health field, you’ve likely heard the term “ketogenic diet.” After all, it’s one of the most searched terms on the internet today.

The goal of the ketogenic lifestyle is to adapt the body to utilize FAT as its primary fuel source instead of SUGAR. Sounds good, right?

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For our ancestors, eating three meals a day just wasn’t a thing. Instead, they’d hunt and forage for the foods they could find.

When there wasn’t food, they wouldn’t eat.

Sometimes they’d go for days without food. To sustain life during times of scarcity, the body is thought to have developed the ability to utilize fat as an alternative fuel source.

We don’t have to hunt or forage for food; we’ve become “sugar burners.”

Today, there’s an abundance of food available to most of us at all times. We regularly eat three meals per day with intermittent snacking between them.

This kind of frequent eating, along with an overemphasis on carb-rich and sugary foods, causes a REDUCED ability to burn fat.

As these sugar-laden foods damage our bodies, we rely MORE on sugar and lose the ability to produce ketones — as a result, massive blood sugar spikes, inflammation, hormone imbalance and ultimately many of the chronic diseases that plague us today.

In a traditional nutrition course, you’d learn that sugar is the body’s PRIMARY fuel source, while fat is secondary.


What we’ve learned now: fat can be a healthier and more sustainable source of energy.

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Luckily, by adopting a more ketogenic style of eating, you CAN reverse damage to your body and revert back to the efficient fat-burning machine you were meant to be!

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