Try out $5 Meal Plans for FREE!

If you’re anything like me or thousands of other moms the last thing you want to think about is meal planning. Meal planning for me is a necessity as it keeps the dinner time drama to a minimum but if you really don’t know where or how to get started then maybe it’s time to check out $5 Meal Plan.

You may be asking ‘what is $5 meal plan’? Well here is how they describe it on the site:

What is $5 Meal Plan?

[$5 Meal Plan is a weekly meal plan service that can make your meal planning as simple as possible.

We surveyed 2,134 families and, on average, they spent two hours a week on meal planning. Those same families say they hate meal planning because it’s time consuming, boring, stressful, and they’d much rather spend that time with their families!

For just $5 a month, we will send you a delicious meal plan where every meal will cost about $2 per person, and in most cases less. (Erin makes these meals for her family of 6 for $5 per meal!)

We will save you money, save you time, and save you the stress of having to spend hours each week planning your meals instead of enjoying quality time with your family, unwinding with your favorite show/book/beverage, or whatever else you’d rather be doing!]

When I first started my meal planning I did join a meal plan subscription site for a year. This gave me tons of ideas and recipes to try out and add to my collection. Now I have them organized on a recurring schedule on my Cozi calendar along with the recipes so that my meal planning is a lot simpler.

Why not give it a try?

Start My Free Trial Today!

100% risk-free, cancel anytime, no questions asked!


Also, check out my upcoming post ‘100 Days of Summer Freezer Meals – the series!’ for more great meal planning ideas! Remember with the Walmart Grocery Pickup, you can get the grocery shopping done in a fraction of time… I’m patiently waiting for our local Walmart to start this service soon.

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 –Thank you

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