Meal Prep: DIY Bagged Salad Mix

It can be hard when you are trying to eat healthier especially when the cost of the healthier foods can be so much higher than the junk food! Here is one way that we have found to save a little money and make our salads a bit more nutritious by being able to choose better varieties of green stuff to go in them:



We cut all the lettuces, a mixture of iceberg and romaine, into bite-size pieces. (We also added a bit of baby spinach to the mix.)


Then we washed everything and spun it dry in the salad spinner. (You want to make sure it is as dry as possible before bagging it.)

We layered a couple of big baggies with a paper towel and carefully placed our lettuce and spinach inside.

Then we squeezed out all the air and sealed them.

They have been in the fridge all week and still look pretty. (You will also want to change out the paper towel frequently.) 

The kids really enjoyed practicing some of the kitchen skills they’ve learned and it seems to make them more interested in trying out new things when they are involved in the process.