When you HAVE TO BE your own doctor, now what?

Bridget Danner was a member of Greenpeace and writing letters (you remember, letters?!) to cosmetics companies before she could drive.

As a kid, she was upset by environmental toxins, both mentally and physically — they’re the reason she took to a career in natural medicine. And, a few years ago, she got really sick from toxic mold. So, she had to dig deep into her wisdom and find a way to heal without completely exhausting her family’s finances.

With patience and perseverance, she learned that smart, day-to-day choices actually work. Now, she’s here to share that wisdom with you at The DIY Detox Summit!

Click here to register for free at The DIY Detox Summit!

When Bridgit got sick, she experienced insomnia, muscle twitching, poor memory and even had suicidal thoughts. Although an acupuncturist and functional health coach, she couldn’t solve the problem…

So, like most of us, she tried different doctors and tests… and still couldn’t find a solution.

She knew: it was going to require her skills, her research, her hard work, connections, patience, and perseverance to get back to good health.

There are many safe and natural ways to detox — from sauna to supplements to dietary changes and movement — and most of them DO NOT require a hefty sum of money to implement.

Now, for the first time, she has compiled her newfound detoxification wisdom, along with other world-renowned experts to share this knowledge with you:
● Heavy metals
● EMFs
● Toxic Mold
● Air quality
● Water quality
● Food quality
● Parasites
● Fermented foods
● Probiotics
● And much more!

It can sound overwhelming and complicated — there are more than 80,000 registered chemicals in the world! However, you CAN learn how to avoid and gently remove them from your body.

Click here to register for free at The DIY Detox Summit!

Whether you’re a practitioner or the “Dr. Mom” of your home, join us to add these steps and protocols to your virtual medicine cabinet, and start detoxing!

P.S. When you register, you’ll ALSO UNLOCK Bridgit’s restorative, 15-page eGuide, 5-Day DIY Detox. Click here to register and grab it now!

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