Escaping Today’s Stress By Taking A Step Back In Time

WARNING: This post may contain a picture overload as I did take quite a few pictures while we were out on our adventures!

Over the weekend we had been invited to attend a small festival at Camp Milton where they were going to be having a battle reenactment. The time period was the 1800s which just happened to fit in with our Kirby’s Kids Academic Adventures and the Little House On The Prairie Adventures we’ve been doing with our homeschool so of course, I said we’d go. Plus it was a chance to see one of our friendly square dancers in action as he is an avid participant at these events.

I think we surprised him by showing up but he was more than happy to give us a tour through the camp and show us all the neat things they had out. They also shared some of their rations of beef jerky and bread with us for breakfast.

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After the camp tour, we headed over to the village where we got to shop at the General Store. I bought a cone of brown sugar there for the kids to try out later. We also ‘priced’ some other supplies and staples while we were there.

Then the kids got a peek at the small cabin, it was even smaller than our house, and they had the chance to ask a lot of questions which they did.


(Sorry guys there was no Google in the 1800s … lol.)

After the store, we headed over to the small museum where we got to check out a lot of interesting items.

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We checked out the school tent and bought a couple of toys, of course. Each kiddo had the chance to pick out a small wooden top and I also picked up a flute and a slingshot, what was I thinking?


Then we walked over to visit the small garden to see what they had planted there. This made me anxious to plant our garden.


We headed back over to the tents where the kids really enjoyed seeing everyone in period clothing too and they made a couple of friends and had a lot of fun trying out some games and toys. (I feel some projects coming on … )

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Then we headed over to check out the Union Soldiers camp … too bad we didn’t know anyone and we didn’t get a personalized tour there but it was fun.

We could hear the cannons and gunfire so we headed back out towards the main area where we had a quick break and snack under a shade tree.

That’s when we noticed the Doctor arrive on the scene. Yay! We went to visit his area and the kids again got to ask a ton of questions and he was more than patient as he showed them all of the tools and explained the procedures as well.

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The kids were into all of the gruesome details and really enjoyed learning about amputations although they wanted to make sure that no one was really getting hurt at the reenactment.

We still had a couple of hours left before the full battle was set to begin but we had some really grouchy kiddos and decided to go ahead and leave as I felt some lunch might help everyone.

After eating we headed towards home and then kept going. I knew there was a Pioneer Day festival happening at another location so we decided to check it out too. There weren’t nearly as many picture taking opportunities but we did get to check out quite a few neat vendors like this one:


We also got to enter some fun giveaways (keep your fingers crossed for me), shop at a yard sale, and have some ice cream cones. At the yard sale the kids picked up a couple of books while I resisted the urge to buy any more homeschool books (which they had a slew of there) but I did buy a set of egg cake pans, all for less than $2.00!


Can you guess what I’ll be making next Spring?

What a better way to spend such a beautiful day? We all had a great time even though I am completely worn out as I write this.

When we got home I sat down and took care of the grocery shopping. I decided it was time to do a quick stocking up shop so we will be stopping at Sam’s Club and Walmart tomorrow morning (Sunday) to pick up a ton of groceries. I will add some pictures to the end of the post if I remember to get some.

I also looked on eBay  and found me a lamb cake pan. (I compared the prices to the new ones on Amazon before I made my purchase.) I remember my aunt making these when I was younger and I have been meaning to get one so I could start that tradition as well. Now I can with my very own pan which should be here later this week.

(I really love that I can also ‘earn’ money back when I shop at these places with my Ebates, Honey, and Swag Bucks apps.)

There is a ton of housework to get done and I still need to work on school planning as our next book is waiting and our work is sitting on the island around me as I speak. I just can’t seem to get caught up on anything lately and I desperately needed a break as we had a very stressful week. (I seriously have about 20+ tabs open for projects that I have been working on!)

Hopefully, this was the break we needed to help get us motivated for the upcoming week. I know it really got me excited for the next lessons and gave me some great ideas to incorporate into our lessons. That reminds me … I really need to get the kiddos to write an entry about today in their Little House On The Prairie Pioneer Journals that we made last year. Today also has me yearning for some of the old ways from a simpler time but I do like some of our modern conveniences, like grocery pickups, that we have today. Can I find a happy medium? Maybe one day.

Golly, I’m so tired but also so wanting to work on some lesson planning! I guess I better go right now (just as soon as these pics finish uploading) so that I can get some sleep as I do need to get up a bit early to head off to town. I hope everyone had a great weekend and I pray that you have a wonderful week ahead.

Pics of our grocery haul which actually turned out to be a very stressful day! I just now finished putting away all the groceries and it’s lunch time on Monday!

There were a few things up front but my phone wasn’t being very nice so this was the only pic I could get.

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