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I guess its better late than never. As I was going through some of my drafts I’ve found a few posts that never made it to be published and this is one of them. I know I’ve shown a few pics of this little masterpiece before but here is the story of how it became to be.

Before the trip to PA last year we had been working on the house, as we have been doing pretty regularly lately, and had just finished up a new project:


I had been having a lot of trouble sleeping which leads me to write or sketching in my notebook. This was one of the sketches I came up with.


I must say that Mr. Awesome nailed it! Hopefully, we will get around to completing some of our other many projects when we get back on track.

Getting back to the original post, this project had allowed us to rearrange our living room area and gave us a work station for one of our computers, a media center for the TV and game systems, plus storage for our DVD collection. I was happy to rearrange everything, make a little room in our house, and get a little closer to the vision of a neat and organized home.

Then a few days later Mr. Awesome came home with some STUFF… sigh… stuff that had to be stored in the house. Now granted, these items included many things that we had been wanting to look into getting like an engraver for various projects. They were gifted to us which was a HUGE BLESSING however the only place we had for them was the island which had just been cleared.

I had plans to use the island to finish up a couple of Homeschool Projects and then to start a few sewing projects. (One of these was to mend a shirt that I’ve had for a month or so and another was to sew together a few skirts I had cut out before last Christmas.) The ‘new to us’ engraver and supplies are now scattered on the island and we had planned to clean out a work area in one of the buildings so we could play around with it.

What’s the last DIY project you attempted? What would you like to try to make?

Thankfully all of that STUFF was relocated to the storage shed we bought and now I have a workspace again… YAY! Those sewing projects are on my current To-Do List and I plan to get them finished by the end of the month… hopefully!

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