A Fresh Start In The New Year Part 1

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Hey y’all! How have you been? It’s been a little CRAZY here as usual but crazy seems to be our normal so I am becoming used to it. However I have been really trying to make some changes to reduce the amount of stress our craziness can bring. If you missed my Plan of Action post you should really check it out HERE to see what changes we are working on around this little cabin.

While I have been working on my list and trying to come up with some ideas to make my wishes become REALITY there have been a few unexpected hiccups already. One was thisongoing Fibro Flare I’ve been dealing with. Living with chronic pain is NO FUN and then when it seems like the pain is UNBEARABLE then something else happens to push you almost to the brink of a breakdown. Howevere GOD is GOOD and HE is always there and manages to keep me from free falling over the edge of insanity.

There have been several days where I’ve done pretty much NOTHING or at least as close to NOTHING as I could get by with. However last Friday was not one of those days. I walked into the closet to get something and realized that the kiddos had been playing with my crinolines AGAIN… sigh… and they had torn apart the shelving unit that held them AGAIN. Well, there wasn’t a lot I could do about it when I found it as we were getting ready for a dance. Then a bit later I walked in to find that the girls had pulled the middle section of their unit apart… GRRRR! I was ready to pull my hair out but I just helped everyone to get what they needed and instructed them to STAY OUT of the closet until I could fix it.

Saturday morning I was dreading the whole closet thing as it meant I would need to drag EVERYTHING out of there. It is our FAMILY CLOSET so there is a lot of STUFF in there too. I made a quick trip to Walmart to pick up a few groceries and some new shelves for the closet.

I ended up buying a few of these types of containers as I couldn’t find any shelves I liked. I already had a couple of these drawer units and have been trying to brainstorm a way to use them somewhere else with no luck.

 I would have loved to buy another of this set like we use for our honeschool cubbies but I didn’t have the time to wait for them to be shipped from AMAZON.

When I returned home I fixed a quick lunch and got to work. As I started to unload the girls unit this is what happened:

Yep, I almost got SQUASHED by a mountiain of clothes which motivated me to get the project finished before I had another close call. Little by little I moved most of the STUFF out and had the kids stack it in piles around the house. The girls worked on folding a sorting their clothes while I worked on disassembling the shelving units.

This first part I fixed was a place for my crinolines… yep, it may seem like I was being a bit SELFISH but really I had a plan and part of the plan meant Momma’s stuff had to be dealt with first.

Here is the solution I came up with for the crinolines:

Here is another view with the doors closed.

I am hoping that the ‘Outta sight, Outta mind’ principle will work in my favor here. So far so good as I haven’t had any trouble… yet.

Then I had to work on getting everything else reorganized. I reallly shouldve taken pics as I went along and I did try but here are a few pics of the finished project that took me half a day to finish:

This is a pic of the little boys area with their drawers on the bottom, clothes hanging over top. They have a couple of fabric totes with hats and other miscellaneous items on top of the drawers. They each have a plastic shoe box which they refer to as their ‘SPECIAL BOX‘ where they keep their little treasures.

I also labeled their drawers with some quick hand drawn pictures:

I know my art skills are not the best on these but as long as the kids know what they mean I’m happy for now. I’m really trying to let go of my PERFECTionism as it was getting in the way of so many things!

Here is a view of the opposite side of the closet:

These are the drawers for the girls on bottom with hand written labels.

Over top of those drawers are a couple of cubbies to hold some toys, the girls’ crinolines and a few other odds and ends. There is also a set of drawers that I already had which hold my clothes.

In the back you can see my crinoline organizer, the girls’ hamper, and some of the toy storage. To the right is another small bin like I made for the crinolines but it holds the stuffed animals which were purged as we went.

(We also purged quite a bit of clothing as they recieved several outfits for Christmas. I plan to donate these items later this week.)

Opposite of this section the girls have their hanging clothes with the boys’ hamper and some toy storage below. I wanted to have the drawers underneath but couldn’t get the layout quite right.

(If I can save the money I may try to buy another one of these to use so that I can rearrange it better. You might also notice the repurposed rugs we have in the floor… the kids got a new rug for the living room and we use their old ones in the closet which is much kinder to barefeet than the plywood floor was.)


Here is a view of the other end of the closet where the entryway and light switch are located. Here is where the kids’ jackets are hung and they have their shoes stored in this unit. I may need to remove the doors at some point if the kids get too rough with them but for now I like being able to close them up.

I’m also hoping to eventually be able to move these jackets out of the closet and into a cabinet near the door but one step at a time. We’ll eventually meet our goals little by little and this project definitely moved us one step closer.

(This closet is approximately 4×10 with a 6×1 framed opening. I have closed part of the opening with shelving to make the ‘door way’ about 2 feet wide.)

I was pretty much pooped when I finished this unexpected project but I am so glad we finished it as it was one of the things I had on my To-Do list from last week.


It felt really good to get it crossed off the list. That pretty much took up my whole day Saturday but we still had more to get accomplished on Sunday which I’ve saved for Part 2 of this post.

Stay tuned…

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