A Look Back On 2018

So I’ve been posting quite a bit about my goals for 2019 but let’s not forget about all the good times we had in 2018. Sure, there were some sad times and some hard times but remembering the good times can help ease the pain of the not so good. Here’s a quick peek back on some of our pictures, posts, and activities from 2018:




January was full of fun, like the Volcano activity we did, a couple of birthdays and trials as evident by some of my Facebook posts… lol. Ms. Olivia had also ‘officially graduated’ from homeschool… my first homeschooled child to graduate! Yay! She is doing very well now and stays very busy between her two jobs and her pets!

We also did quite a few product reviews and one of the products we still use almost everyday is the meal prep containers which come in so handy when putting away leftovers, making lunches for field trips, or for everyday meal prep. Quite a lifesaver and timesaver and something I really need to get more of!




Man, this is taking me a while to get through as there are just so many memories! My internet is being extremely SLOW too so that doesn’t help matters a whole lot.

My kids saw these pics and they asked about where the hand putty was and if we could buy another shark game because they loved playing with those things. We also had a great time at the zoo and have enjoyed a lot of fun trips in our new to us van over the past year. 

February was my birthday month and the month when I got REALLY sick… still dealing with some of those issues now but getting better a little at a time. Hence the reason for some of those posts.

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March definitely came in like a lion for us last year… at least I felt like I had been attacked by a lion. I did have my good days but there were plenty of pain filled days as I suffered (and still suffer) from what seemed like one Fibro flare after another. They seemed to have been brought on by the antibiotics I had taken for my kidney infection in February. 

We tried to make the best of it and did as much as I could on the good days. We managed to fit in some fun things like a trip to Georgia for a Spring Fling dance, a ‘Pi Party’, a trip to the races, and a dinner out with Mr. Awesome. The kids also enjoyed the numerous product review items and especially enjoyed the flavored bubbles that they tried out.




April was so crazy busy! Mr. Awesome and I went to Orlando and worked with a group from Disney for a private event that they were hosting… sorry we couldn’t post pics because of the privacy disclosure but we did have so much fun! Afterwards I worked hard and lost some of the weight I had accumulated from the medications that I had been taking.

We also managed to squeeze in some fun activities at home with the kids like the Empty Tomb Rolls we made for Easter. We also got to see quite a bit of wildlife around the house during April… in fact we saw frogs, ducks, herons, a snake, and even a wild turkey all in one day! The kids also helped me put together some Mother’s Day baskets for a local women’s shelter using some of the goodies and freebies I had received.




Hmmm…. I didn’t really have a lot of posts for May but these really sum it up. After the crazy busy schedule we had in April I guess we needed a bit of a break but we did keep up with our square dancing. 

The kids and I also started a raised bed garden out in the field. We had a great time with it and enjoyed the vegetables for a long while. I also got some beautiful peacock knickknacks for Mother’s Day.

I can’t forget that Mr. Jacob turned the big 5 this month too!




Not a lot of posts for June either. I was so busy cleaning and decluttering the house that I guess I just didn’t have time to post anything. We did manage to get away for a mini-vacation with my family. 

You can read more about our cleaning missions and get the recipe for that amazing Blueberry Bread here.




Again not a whole lot of posts as I was still not feeling really great and I stayed really busy trying to put together the first part of our Little House on the Prairie Academic Adventure. We’ve had so much fun with these lessons so far and the kids have enjoyed making butter, pioneer journals, and so much more! The kids also had fun helping out in the kitchen and playing with their new game too.

Joey also got his new glasses and decided to tell everyone with a ‘Guess what’s different?’ picture. We did have a few square dances that we attended too like the Sock Hop and a benefit dance for Shriner’s Hospital. You can read more about some of our adventures here.




August started out as a pretty ordinary month and I was desperately trying to get my act together as I started doing more meal prep and freezer cooking. Then I got a call from my Mom and I needed to go to Pennsylvania to see my Mom-mom. This was such a sad visit but I am so glad I made it as these were the last pictures we will ever have of her. She was probably one of the only people who I would’ve gotten on a plane to see. 

Mr. Awesome and the kids made out fine while I was gone. I really didn’t feel up to doing much after I returned and the kids didn’t complain as they had some not so ordinary breakfasts when Momma just didn’t feel well. 




After being exhausted for most of August I really wasn’t feeling like doing much in September. I was a little depressed thinking about my Mom-mom and did my best to keep in touch with everyone and stay up to date about her condition.

We did manage to tackle the Loft project which made a BIG difference in the way our whole house functions. It has helped out in so many ways and the kids are still loving it today as much as they did when they first saw it. Not only did Mr. Awesome get that project checked off but he managed to make one of my crazy night sketches come to life in the form of an entertainment center.

Later in the month, I got the call that I had been dreading and it still brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it. I was relieved in a sense as I knew she wasn’t suffering anymore but sad because I knew I wouldn’t see her or hear her voice anymore either.




The posts really seemed to have dwindled the further into the year we got. I really didn’t notice how much the illness and stress had gotten to me but I’m glad we do have some pictures to remind us of the fun times we had. 

We made an unplanned trip to Pennsylvania for my Mom-mom’s funeral where I also got up and made a totally unplanned speech. This trip really did wipe me out physically and emotionally. The pain of losing her is still there too but it gets a little better each and every day.

Mr. Jacob had his first dental visit in October. We also had a rare late-season monster hurricane which passed us by with minimal damage. Other areas near us were not so lucky and many of them are still dealing with cleanup and rebuilding. 




November was a bit busy as we had a couple of big dances to attend as well as some fun adventures. Earlier in the month, I had placed a HUGE Sam’s Club order and my first Walmart Grocery Pickup order which helped to restock our pantry and freezer. You can read about that adventure HERE.

We also had our first Thanksgiving Dinner here at our little cabin. (Last year we all ate next door.) We had so many people in our little house it reminded me of how Laura described that their house was ‘bursting at the seams’ in Little House In The Big Woods. It was crowded but we all had a great time.

The Saturday following Thanksgiving I took some of the kids to the Cane Boil & Fiddle Fest at Morningside Nature Park. They all had a great time and we brought back some Cane Syrup to share with everyone… that reminds me, I am getting a little hungry.




Finally to December where we are now. I am so tired and worn out but seeing all of the posts and pictures has made me feel a little bit better. I don’t feel like the past year went anything like I had planned but we did learn a lot from our adventures and I know we made the best of every situation.

If we lacked on Arts & Crafts this year we definitely made up for this month. Every ornament with the exception of the angel was handmade. The kids were so proud of their tree and insisted on getting a group photo… this is easier said than done and I eventually settled on just getting everyone kinda facing in the same direction. 

We also had a visit from St. Nick on the 6th. The kids loved checking their stockings and leaving letters for him to pick up. There were plenty of other activities like an unplanned shopping trip to the western store that was going out of business and lots of fudge making. I also made my 1000th post in December!

We had a great Christmas and we hope all of you did as well. My kids got most of what they asked for and the house is overflowing with things that need a home. That has to wait for now as we are in the midst of preparing for our last dance of the year which I’ll try to update this post with pictures to come.

Looking over these pictures and posts has made me realize that the year was better than I felt it had been. I can see how much we have accomplished and I can also see areas we need to work on. I’m really hoping and praying that 2019 will be an even better year and that I can stay on track with the blog posts that I have planned so that maybe others can follow along. I just want to be able to encourage others in their day to day lives as I know I definitely need encouragement from time to time as well. 

Talk to you in the next year!

Happy New Year’s!

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