My 2019 New Year’s Goals

As you read the title you may be rolling your eyes because we all make resolutions but many of us, myself included, don’t quite keep to them or just never even start them. I know last year I had some really great ones that were not so specific but somehow they managed to slip away from me.

Part of the blame falls on some major life changes (big sister moved away/death in the family), an illness that took me a while to recover from, and LIFE which seems to get busier everyday. When you combine all of those with the fact that we had recently downsized and moved (from 2,000 sq ft to just barely over 600 sq ft) its no wonder I didn’t accomplish everything I had set out to do but I did manage to make a little progress in each area.

SO what are some of the top resolutions for 2019? According to an abc news article they are as follows:

  1. Lose weight
  2. Save money
  3. Travel
  4. Make new friends
  5. Get a new job or hobby
  6. Find love

Hmm… some pretty interesting resolutions. Have you thought about yours yet? I have given it a bit of thought and here are my goals for the upcoming year in no particular order:

  • Get more organized
    • Homeschool
      • Get rid of things we don’t/won’t use
      • Help the kids to start working more independently
    • Home
      • Make a place for EVERYTHING or get rid of it
      • Reduce waste
    • Meal Planning
      • Make more freezer meals
      • More meal prep
      • Cut out MOST processed foods
    • Arts/Crafts
      • More time for sewing projects
  • Simplify our routines
    • Help the kids make routines they can follow
    • Make some routines for ‘problem areas’ in our lives
  • Make more personal time
    • Start getting up earlier (again)
    • Start exercising (again)
    • Devote more time to reading my bible (again)
    • Learn some new skills
    • Try out different things
  • Work on my blog more
    • Figure out this new WordPress editor 😦
    • Make a new social media schedule and stick to it
    • Write a book and/or ebook
  • Save money/reduce debt
    • Get rid of subscriptions/services we don’t really use
    • Pay down credit cards
    • Start paying CASH for most purchases

Again these are just some general areas I want to work on and hopefully this weekend I will sit down and make some goals for each area. I really do want to work on each of these a little at a time and I know that these will interact with one another as well as help us to become healthier and more productive in our everyday lives.

I really am striving to be more of a ‘Proverbs 31‘ kind of woman and mother. I feel strongly that I need to work on this and continue to learn new skills and try new things to help me reach this goal. I also know that I have a few sets of eyes watching me and it is so important to set a good example for them. A lot of my goals for the upcoming year focus on things I feel that I need to work on.

We may not have been blessed with all the gifts that the Proverbs 31 woman had but God has given us each our own unique gifts. We need to use them to their full potential to bless our families and possibly bless others. We shouldn’t feel like a failure or feel inadequate if we don’t feel like we live up to these standards as we are each in different seasons of our lives. Accepting this has freed me to focus on the areas that I can work on now and motivates me to do everything I can to bless my family.

What are some of your goals? Let me know in the comments below. Make sure to like this post and follow our blog to see how we work on these goals in the upcoming year.



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