Counting Pumpkins… Yes, I Said Pumpkins

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This is gonna sound crazy but I wanted to take a minute and maybe give everyone a bit of comic relief or at least a chuckle. I also want everyone to see the not so pretty side of our home because I know that many people stress about the way their houses look, especially with so many guests and company right now, and they feel like they are failing.

You aren’t failing anything, trust me, if failure were based on the way our houses look on a day to day basis then I’d be one of the biggest failures there is! Then I also seem to let people down at times because they have a certain image in their heads of how our large homeschooling family life is. This weekend I realized that a lot of people really have different opinions and ideas when it comes to these matters. I promise, we are just ordinary people, doing ordinary things, on a larger scale in a small cabin… lol. Have you noticed the blog name change? Kirby’s Korner will now be dedicated to  square dancing. 

So, back to the title… Counting Pumpkins… I know Christmas is just a few days away but we still have pumpkins laying around. It’s a crazy story indeed. My kiddos wanted to carve pumpkins at Halloween so Nanny J and Papa O bought them a few pumpkins plus a couple of cute little ones with painted faces.

When the time came to carve them the kids wanted to wait. Then something came up the next time we had planned to do it and so on… and when we did have a chance again they didn’t want to ‘hurt’ their pumpkins.

Fast forward to Thanksgiving. A couple of the kids had decided that they wanted to use their pumpkins for Pumpkin Pie however when the time came the kids didn’t want to ‘sacrifice’ their pumpkins… so they became table decor once again.

Last week the kids moved their beloved pumpkins to the kitchen and they have been homed in a chair ever since in what now is referred to as ‘The Pumpkin Factory’… yep, I have a pumpkin factory in my kitchen. Mr. Jacob counts the pumpkins every morning to make sure noone is missing… lol. This was really cute the first day or so but not so much now.

Yesterday was mostly spent running errands and grocery shopping which didn’t leave a lot of time for cleaning. So today the rest of the house is not immune to disorder either as you can see in the pictures below.

The rest of the kitchen is a bit of a mess. I’ve got dirty dishes in the sink, things to put away, a grocery bag of ingredients for Fudge sitting on the cart as I don’t have room in the cabinets for it and my coffee is getting cold!
(Have you read the post with the Fudge recipe links? If not check it out HERE.)

The island is covered with arts and crafts supplies plus door prizes collected for our upcoming New Year’s Eve Dinner & Dance which is gonna be so much fun! These crafts have been a lot of fun and I promise I’ll try to post some pics soon… OK, don’t twist my arm here’s a sneak peek at a couple:

Then our newest table is covered with more arts and crafts and boxes with gifts that have been delivered by our Awesome UPS and FedEx drivers, plus a few games that were sent to the kids from a dancer at Monday’s dance. The calendar date on the bottom hasn’t been changed as it had been covered with boxes which I carried to the shed yesterday.

There is just enough room for Ms. Caitlyn to sit and work on a couple of reports that she had to finish up. (She had told me they were finished last week but after checking I learned it wasn’t quite so.)

Today happens to be ‘sheet day’ so the sheets are being stripped from the loft beds and thrown down the hole. They will be gathered up and carried to the washer after breakfast which happens to be Cinnamon Muffins today. After breakfast we will also be working on tidying the house and getting the laundry washed up.

Laundry is a chore that has fallen back on me as the girls tore up the washer over the weekend. Luckily I have been able to fix it temporarily but it is leaking a bit of water out the front door with every load that is washed… I did find the part to fix it ($150.00!) but it’s gonna have to wait until after Christmas. So yeah, LIFE happens here just as much as it does in the house down the street.

I also have kiddos chilling on tablets and others making a mess playing with toys while they wait for breakfast to get finished. Did I mention that breakfast is late this morning? So everyone has been a little cranky because they are hungry…

Oh what fun it is to have cranky kids in the morning!

I don’t know how it is at your house but this would be the time I’d have a ton of unexpected company… when the house looks its worst. I have a friend who always says that they came to see me, not the house. We have our days and this is just one of many but we’ll get through it one step at a time. Just remember to relax, breathe, and take it one step at a time.

Take a moment to count your pumpkins, I mean your blessings, too!

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