Help! I’m Drowning, Or At Least It Feels That Way…

I started out this morning with over 2,000 emails which was a bit overwhelming. I had cleared a few hundred of them on Saturday but it barely made a dent in the pile.

Then today as I was catching up on emails and such I happened to see that we have HURRICANE MICHAEL headed our way. Just another thing to add to the list of things to think about. While we are not on the coast nor have we been put under the ‘State of Emergency’ the counties right next to us are so that means we do have potential to see some damage. This also means that we need to make some emergency preparations and be prepared for when the storm hits. As we have learned in the past the storms don’t always go along their predicted path.

**Update: The state of emergency has been expanded from 26 counties to 35, including ours, since this post was written. Our prayers are going out to all of those in the affected area as well as the first responders, National Guard, and all of those working to keep everyone safe.

Not only is my email inbox overflowing but my house is a mess and my life feels like it is in total CHAOS mode right now! I literally feel like I am drowning from too much to do and I can’t see the light at the end of tunnel because of the mountain of things I need to get done. I feel overwhelmed and my nerves are shot.

How did this happen? I am usually somewhat organized and we stick to our routines that normally prevent this from happening. However sometimes LIFE HAPPENS and things don’t go as planned or even remotely close.

Last week we had an unexpected trip out of town. We had planned to be gone 2-3 days but that turned into 4 days, very long days. The trip wasn’t for pleasure and I’ll try to go into more detail in another post but long story short is that we never know what tomorrow holds.

Right before the trip we had been extrememly busy with projects around the house, homeschooling, and square dancing. Not too mention I was at wit’s end with STUFF in general. I hadn’t slept well in several days and it just seemed like everything was so OVERWHELMING. 

Mr. Awesome and I had planned to work on cleaning out some buildings over the weekend so we would have a work space for some of our projects that were just too big for our little house. However one phone call changed our LIVES and redirected our PLANS.

Instead of working on the sheds we began making preparations for a road trip. We finished up projects that needed taken care of right away and I debated on whether I really wanted to make this a family trip or did I want to go ALONE? There were PROs and CONs to both ideas but in the end we decided to go as a FAMILY to support FAMILY.

After a 15 hour ride we made it to our destination. With a few last minute changes we got settled in and then EXHAUSTION set in. It set in so fast I had no choice but to go straight to bed… Mr. Awesome took care of the kids as I rested.

The next few days were SAD, STRESSFUL, and MEMORABLE all at the same time. We ended up staying an extra night, however the effects of no routine or regular schedule were beginning to show on the kids. While we were definitely ready to head home we didn’t want to leave our FAMILY.

We made it back HOME late Friday night and stumbled in the house to hopefully get a good night’s sleep in our own beds. The kids went right back to their normal routines without being reminded and I was so happy to be back in my small, somewhat messy home.

The next morning was spent unpacking everything and washing clothes. We also attempted to get back into our normal daily routine which has been more of a struggle for me than it has been for the kiddos. Part of that was due to the fact that I began to feel really bad Saturday night and most of Sunday was spent on the couch.

I’ve learned that while the house really shows that we haven’t kept up with our normal cleaning routine over the past week, that’s OK. We know that we are BLESSED to have our FRIENDS and FAMILY. I know that our LIVES will once again return to NORMAL, a new normal, in time and that we will get through this one day at a time.

So for today I will work on doing as much of my routine as I can and I will spend time with my FAMILY. While the kiddos were napping I finished up a few posts that I had been working on prior and getting them scheduled to come out soon. There are still several that are in DRAFT stage and will hopefully be completed shortly.

I will also take a quick inventory of our supplies and probably make a quick shopping trip later on tonight as we won’t be attending our square dance because we still aren’t feeling 100%. The past few days have been spent reflecting on and reevalutaing a lot of things as well.

The past week or two have changed me FOREVER and like a HURRICANE that destroys and damages everything in its path this CHAOS has the potential to do the same. However I know that a messy house, overflowing inbox, and so many other things are just physical things and really won’t be remembered in the end. Our actions and how we treat others will be what others remember about us so right now I choose to concentrate on my FAMILY and lead them by the example that was set for me when I was younger.

I know that this will not be an immediate change and that there will be a lot of work to come. These ideas and changes will happen slowly and with purpose. I want to live a LIFE with PURPOSE. Day by day I will find new ways to do this and slowly pull myself out of this CHAOS that swirls around me.




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