Butter Making, Bear Hunts, and Bull Dogs

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You may be wondering what butter making, bear hunts, and bull dogs have in common, right? Well, these were just a few of the topics we covered in our first week of our Little House On The Prairie Academic Adventure.

We have had so much fun as I’m sure you’ll see in the pictures below. I’ve been meaning to post our progress but we’ve been so busy there hasn’t been a lot of time for another ‘b’ topic… blogging! I’m gonna try to catch up a little tonight before I go to bed and put away my computer for our Screen Free Sunday which is another post in itself.


Caitlyn’s new glasses.

The first week we were quite busy with school, doctor appointments, and square dancing not to mention everything else that LIFE seems to throw at us. We read through the first two chapters of Little House in the Big Woods and discussed what we read. The girls also worked on some Vocabulary matching and crosswords that I made up.

We’ve been working through the topics I have listed in the weekly guide and the kids have been so excited to learn so many things about Laura Ingalls Wilder and her pioneer family. Our Pioneer Journals were one of our first projects and the kids loved making them. They will be using these for various writing assignments throughout the year.

pioneer journals

All of the kids have been learning fractions and I went through some of the lessons in  Ray’s Arithmetic Books and made some worksheets to go along with our Little House On The Prairie theme. We have also been using Khan Academy to practice our new skills and learn more skills. All of the kids really love this program.

We’ve also been doing a lot of learning about pioneer life and chores that pioneer children may have done. The kids enjoyed reading through Pioneer Life from A to Z and comparing things today to things in the pioneer days. We also learned about the state of Wisconsin this week and they have been working on their notebooking pages and doing some fun activities in the Which Way Usa Magazines by Highlights. These magazines make learning so much fun.

Then came our Science studies which included Bears and Panthers. We can’t study bears without ‘Going On A Bear Hunt’. I found the cutest little book set to go along with this favorite activity:

We're Going on a Bear Hunt Book and Toy Gift Set

And I also found this fun book on Amazon:

We're Going on a Bear Hunt: My Adventure Field Guide

I haven’t had a chance to do any of the activities yet but I plan to work them into some of our studies.

A couple of other Science topics we studied were Microbes and Bacteria as well as density and why fire burns different colors. I’m learning quite a few interesting things along with the kids.

As far as Life Skills go we learned about the chores of Pioneer children and compared them with the chores that we do around the house. The kids have decided that they are happy to be living now as they don’t have to do so many chores. Although one chore they didn’t mind doing was making butter.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It was actually really easy and it tasted so good. We will definitely be doing this again!

Some other Life Skills we worked on were Making our Bed. Not only have we focused on chores we have also been working on our character training. I like the lessons I’ve found in  Uncommon Courtesy For Kids: A Training Manual For Everyone.

For PE/Health we learned about ‘Stranger Danger’ and ran trhough some different scenarios with the kids. They have learned some great rules to help keep them safe. Keepign with the ‘Bear Theme’, they also learned how to play ‘Little Brown Bear’ which is a game I found in The Ultimate Homeschool Physical Education Game Book.

Then of course we had to have some kind of arts and crafts to keep the kids happy. This is where the Brindle Bull dog came in. They/we had fun learning to draw a bulldog:


I think we may have some budding artists on our hands! They also enjoyed listening to some of the songs from Laura’s time and making a couple of neat crafts. We really wanted to make some Corn Husk Dolls but didn’t get around to it. This will definitely be making the list for Week 7!

The kids have had a blast and they have also been exploring and learning some fun activities on their own.

Not too mention some of the fun we have had at our square dances. We went to a dance in a hangar and the kids got to check out some of the airplanes:

They had a lot of fun pretending to fly and they have been begging to go back again.

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