Weekend Warrior Project: Old Window Transformation

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We have been working a lot around this little house just trying to make it feel more like ‘HOME’. It’s been a little over a year since we moved and we are finally starting to really get settled. I feel like I can finally relax and put my feet, at least every now and then. This past weekend was not one of those times.

When I was doing my major cleaning this past summer I had thought of the idea of doing a faux stained glass window in the kitchen but haven’t found the time to do that yet. I did, however, decide to do something with this one BIG window that we have in the main room. It is so dirty on the outside that it has been driving me completely BONKERS!

I’m sure some of you are thinking that I should just get out there and clean it and trust me I would if I could. This window is over the pond and I have no access to it of any kind so cleaning it is IMPOSSIBLE right now. The inside has been cleaned and cleaned but it hasn’t helped a lot as the window is OLD and has seen a lot.

Before we moved in the window had been boarded up for many years, I guess someone else didn’t like the dirty view either. After we built the sleeping loft and got rid of the bunkbed that had been in front of the window we couldn’t ignore how dirty it was. Then comes the fact that I moved the dining table in front of the window and we now had to see it a few times a day. Mr. Awesome didn’t really like the window and wanted to cover it up again but I like light, lots of light, and I wanted to have the window clear so that it would help to illuminate this rather dark little cabin. 

So what to do with this dirty old window?


Well, we don’t really have the finances to replace it and as we are still hoping to add on at some point in the future it wouldn’t make a lot of sense to add on as this window will become the doorway to the future addition.

I guess I could have hired someone to come out and clean it but that probably would’ve cost a pretty penny as well. Plus it wasn’t gonna solve all of the issues with the window either.

The next best thing was to cover it up, RIGHT? Well, maybe not in the sense that Mr. Awesome had in mind. I decided to do a one of a kind faux stained glass treatment. If it didn’t look good I could always get some blinds or something and have it semi-covered.

I had a hard time deciding what to do. I wanted to keep it ‘TRUE’ to the feel of the cabin but I wanted it to be pretty too. This was originally built as a hunting cabin but it is now a home. After checking out a few different ideas on Amazon I made my purchase and waited for the items to arrive.

Our weekend plans had gotten canceled so I figured this was as good as time as any to tackle this weekend. I started by cleaning the window really well with my favorite glass cleaner:


After cleaning the window I decided on a pattern. (I’ll have a list of products used at the end.) Once the pattern was decided I started cutting.

Click HERE to see my favorite chemical-free products!


Then I started to put the clings up very carefully. I don’t have any tricks for this except that I tried to start from the middles and worked the bubbles out to the ends. This particular material wasn’t as hard to install as others I have used in the past.


I loved it before it was finished and was almost tempted to stop mid way through but decided to see my design all the way finished.

After the border came the focal point. I really loved how easy this went on.


I had still had one more step planned so I had to tape off and cover everything including the decals and clings I had just put up.

Then I began with a spray to frost the glass. I ended up using one whole can on this window.


The picture above was about midway through. (I sent the kids out to play while I did this and opened the doors and windows.) The window was driving me a bit crazy because it wasn’t symmetrical at all so I came up with an idea to fix that.

We had a couple of 1x2s left from our last project so I took a couple of measurements and went outside to cut my solution. Then I found some leftover spray paint and let it dry outside while I came in to clean up. (The overspray cleaned up very easy off the wood and surrounding areas.)

My favorite wood cleaner came in handy for this step and also left the house smelling WONDERFUL!


Ready to see the finished project?


You can still see some of the old leaves and stuff stuck to the outside of the window but it made such a BIG difference! I was so happy with it and Mr. Awesome seems to like it too! I should have checked to make sure the 1×2 was a little bit straighter before using it… lol.

I wasn’t too sure about how the focal point would turn out but I think it fits right in. We all love nature and wildlife and this is a scene that we could possibly have seen right out the window, if it had been in better shape.


All in all the whole project took me about 3-4 hours. That was cleaning, drying times, and clean up too. Now I just need to remember to order a new light bulb or pick one up the next time I go to Walmart.

Here is a list of everything I used:

Got a window that needs a little improving? Go check out these items on Amazon and maybe you’ll find an idea for a quick and easy DIY window makeover in your home. I still have some ideas for my kitchen window and some other areas in the house (there is another window hiding behind a picture and a bookcase) so be sure to Follow my blog for updates!

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