Little House In The Big Woods Adventure Week 5 Lesson Plans


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We Start every morning off with our prayers and the Pledge of Allegiance. Below is a picture of the prayers that we say and a video of the Pledge of Allegiance.


Not the prettiest example but that’s what we’ve been using for the past few years.




Don’t have a flag? Grab one HEREand print it out to put up somewhere… you could even let the kids make a flag to proudly display. Amazon also has some little ones like this one HERE and HERE.

After this we have our calendar time also where we go over such things as the Days of the Week, the months, and some basic math.


This one came from Lakeshore Learning.

Tip: If you want to go to a certain week/chapter or topic simply push the ‘ctrl’ and the ‘F’ button down together and a small bar will pop up. Type in the week number or chapter number you want and it will take you to it.

Week 5 : Chapters 10 & 11 (Summertime and Harvest)

Here is our lesson plan for the week:

Language Arts

  • Reading:

    Read Chapters 10 & 11 

    Discussion Questions:

    Chapter Ten:

    • What time of year was it?
    • Why was Mrs. Peterson’s house always clean?
    • How did they send messages?
    • How do we send messages?
    • What were the wood chips for? It was considered impolite to enter someone’s house without bringing in some kindling when the weather was cool.
    • Describe the cheese making process.
    • What treat did Pa find?

    Chapter Eleven:

    • What time of year was it?
    • What did they need Charlie to help with?
    • Was Charlie a good helper? Why?

    Additional Reading:

    Each child would complete a reading lesson from our McGuffey Primer Books or other reading materials that we chose for the day.


    Parents click HERE for the answer key.**see instructions at the top of the page.


    Choose one prompt below:

    • Rewrite Charlie’s story as if he had been a good helper.
    • Write a rhyming poem about the season. Describe what you see, feel, smell, and taste.

    **Remember to use the thesaurus to come up with different words.

    Other Activity:


    Older Kids:

    Younger Kids:


You can work on a lesson in your Ray’s Arithmetic Books or other math workbook. (The lessons below reflect what we worked on.)


Rotate through these activities:

Click HERE to check for updates.

Older Kids:


Younger Kids:

  • Working on learning numbers 1-10.



Geography and History

1. State Study

  • This week we will study Texas.
  • Complete your notebooking pages.
  • Older kids can write a report about the state.

2. Research Pioneer Life

  • Discuss what you learned.
  • Would you like to travel by covered wagon?

3. Continue researching Louis Pasteur for a Speech.

  • Watch this video:
  • Take notes about what you learned.
  • Finish Your Report!


1. Study the moon.

2. Research Yellow Jackets vs. Bees.


  • Discuss what you learned. Why are Bees so important?
  • Make a Venn Diagram to show the similarities and differences of these two species.
  • Example:

Image result for venn diagram example



Life Skills

1. Research Beekeeping

Here is a short video to get you started.

  • Discuss what you learned.

Watch this video about Pioneer gardening:

  • Discuss what you learned.
  • Name 3 vegetables that were in the pioneer garden.

2. Ways to help around the house like Laura

I am the vine, ye are the branches: He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit: without me ye can do nothing.— John 15:5

Weeds can hinder the growth of plants just like sin can keep us from growing in the way the Lord wants us to grow.

  • Weed the Garden

Here’s a fun little video for kids:

3. Character/Manners

– Read ‘Phone Manners.’ p. 26 in Uncommon Courtesy For Kids: A Training Manual For Everyone

– Read ‘How to Take a Phone Message.’ p. 28 in Uncommon Courtesy For Kids: A Training Manual For Everyone

  • How does having a foolish child affect the parents?
  • Read Proverbs 17:21, 17:25, and 19:13

4. Memory Verse

  • Work on memorizing a verse during the week for a special prize.
    • A wise son heeds his father’s instruction, but a mocker does not listen to rebuke. — Proverbs 13:1
    • The Lord detests lying lips, but he delights in men who are truthful. — Proverbs 12:22

5. Fun Activities

  • Grow a sunflower in a pot.

6. Bonus Skills — Choose one or two to work on

  • Practice these until you finish this unit study and then we will move on to another new skill.
  • Memorize the books of the Bible:
  • Learn about archery
  • Learn about baking

PE, Health & Safety

  • 1. Honey vs. Sugar

    • Discuss the differences between honey and sugar.
    • Have a taste comparison and make a graph of who prefers which.

    2. Nutritional Value of Cheese

    1. Discuss the nutritional information of cheese.
    2. Taste several types of cheeses, compare nutritional information.

    3. What is Cholesterol?

    1. Discuss what cholesterol is and how it affects your body.
    2. Name 5 foods high in cholesterol and 5 foods low in cholesterol.

    4. Wasp Stings

    1. Discuss the body’s reaction to a sting.

    How To Treat Bee & Wasp Stings

    1. Discuss how stings were treated in the book.
    2. Write out a step by step sting treatment plan.**

    5. How to treat a Fever with Herbs

    You can also watch this video about using natural medicines:

    • Discuss how fevers are treated today compared to how they were treated in Laura’s time.
    • Look up pictures of the herbs you learned about. Bonus points if you can draw them in your notebook.**

     Herbs Coloring Book

    Kid’s Herb Book, A: For Children of All Ages

    6. Games/Outdoor Play

    • Play ‘Steal the Cheese’. Divide into two groups and each group needs an equal amount of cheese (sticks, bean bags, balls, etc). Line up the ‘cheese’ on each side behind the players. The goal is to run and steal the other team’s cheese without getting caught. The first team to steal all the cheese or catch all of the other team’s players is the winner.

Music, Arts & Crafts


  1. Pom Pom Bee p. 40 Pioneer Crafts for Kids
  2. Bee Crafts and more bee crafts


  1. Bee Coloring Page
  2. Wasp Coloring Page




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