You’re Invited To Join Our New Tribe!

Cover Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

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Hey y’all! I am excited to announce that we’ve just created our very own Tribe on Tailwinds. What is a Tribe? Well, it is a new Pinterest tool that allows people like you and me to meet others with similar interests. We can use this tool to share our experiences and grow our blogs/businesses.

‘Tribes is Free for anyone to get started, even if they aren’t using Tailwind already!’

I’m so excited to start our Kirby’s Kids Homeschool Tribe and would like other homeschoolers to join us as we help each other on this journey. I know I don’t have a lot of homeschool support close to me and I am always looking for ideas and solutions to problems we encounter. If I am looking for these things I know others are too and I just wanted to make a place where everyone is welcome to post ideas, tricks, and tips to that they have found which may help others.

As a member you can share up to 3 posts per day with the request that you will repin/reshare 3 posts (or more) from other members. Feel free to share anything related to homeschool, parenting, or anything else that might help a busy mom keep it all together. I look forward to seeing all the great tips and advice as well as watching each member help another to grow and learn on our journey.

If you join our Tribe right now you can get a very special surprise when you join with this invitation link right here.

What will you get? Well, first you’ll be getting the benefits of having tons of helpful information from other homeschooling moms at the click of a button but you will also be eligible to get a Free Month of Tailwind Plus!

I have been using this for a little less than a week and have seen some great results. The time I have saved has been tremendous and has allowed me to have some FREE time to spend with family without focusing on marketing my blog.

Doesn’t this sound great? You can reach more people and share more of your expertise without investing more time and right now you can try it for FREE!

Click the link below to join our KIRBY’S KIDS HOMESCHOOL TRIBE and get your Free Month of Tailwind Plus!

Yes, I want to join Kirby’s Kids Homeschool Tribe!

I look forward to seeing you there soon! Let me know in the comments if you have joined so I can welcome you!

Click here to get a Free Month of Tailwind without joining our Tribe.

You can also follow me on Pinterest here.

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