Have You Bought Your School Supplies Yet?

**This post does contain some affiliate links which could possibly earn me a small commission if a purchase was made through them. These links help to support our blog and our family.

We’ve bought the majority of our school supplies for the upcoming year. I know from experience that this is something best done sooner rather than waiting to the last minute.

Not sure what to buy? Check out my post here with our Free Printable Back to school list. I’ll try to start planning for our next year’s school choices about midyear. This gives me plenty of time to research and make lists for supplies that we’ll need.

Not homeschooling? Check with your child’s school and/or teacher for supply list. Many times the local Walmart will have a handy checklist available when you walk in.

Make your list and watch for sales as now is the prime time to catch the best prices. Stock up on things like paper, notebooks, and pencils … if you can. Amazon also has some great deals like the ones I listed in this post hereI really love shopping on Amazon because they deliver it right to my door with no hassle.

On a budget? Keep an eye open for local businesses offering free back to school supplies. I’ve seen several such events posted in our area lately.

I promise that getting your supplies early will make the start of school so much less overwhelming and stressful. There will probably be a few extra things you’ll need during the year but having the basics will make life so much easier!

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