A Look Back On The Past Week And A Peek Ahead To This Week

I honestly don’t even know what all we did last week. It seemed to have went by in such a blur. I do know that I had put out a few different posts and here are the links in case you missed them:

I hate how I sit down to write a quick little post and my internet acts up and makes it take foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…………………

But anyways let’s get back to what all we did last week…

We did get more packages from UPS and Fed Ex… the drivers pretty much know me by name and recognize me when I am out and about now… I guess that’s a good thing?

**This post does contain some affiliate links that help to support our blog.

We got lots of more school supplies like the ones below:


The kids are really loving their new Add & Subtract Abacus by Melissa & Doug!

I am also loving this little book right here:


My kids know that their brother has special needs but they don’t really know how to explain it to others. They are also very accepting of other children they meet who have special needs. I am hoping that this book along with a couple others I have ordered will help them.

We got quite a few FREE samples in the mail last week:


I’ve posted most of the links for these on my Kirby’s Koupons page on Facebook @kirbyskoupons.

We had a great time on Friday at the Silver Stars Club in Ft. White, FL. I know the lighting was really bad in this photo.


Then on Saturday we went to a Christmas in July benefit dance for Shriner’s Children’s Hospital. I keep trying to upload the video clip but this internet isn’t letting me… you can check it out on my Facebook here. Here are a couple of screenshots though.


I love those ruby red slippers and they always get so many compliments but they don’t work quite like Dorothy’s in The Wizard of OzWe just picked up this movie to watch with the kids too.

We went to Walmart to check out a few items and to get our weekly groceries. Mr. Awesome was with me, which doesn’t happen too often, and he was HUNGRY so we went a little off budget.


We did get a TON of fresh fruit which I cut up and stored in various containers in the fridge so we would have some quick and easy snacks through the week. I even cut a few apples with our favorite apple slicer and then put a rubber band around them to keep them fresh. The kids love apples but they seem to waste quite a bit when they aren’t cut up.



While at Walmart I did a little ‘window shopping’ for some new shelves that I might want when we get around to that special project I mentioned a couple of months ago… yes, I’m a little discouraged that it hasn’t happened yet and I am afraid that procrastination has taken hold of someone and it may not happen… sniff, sniff.

I looked at some planners too but the prices on what they had were CRAZY so I think I’ll look around online or just use something I already have.

I still haven’t gotten around to making those Haystack Cookies but I plan to make those after lunch which will be after I finish this post. I’ll post my recipe too when I get them made. The kids are playing some different board games right now while I blog a little.

I really wanted to try to do a vlog or two this week but I don’t know if that is gonna happen. My phone has been messing up and our lighting is not that great so my tablet doesn’t make videos very well nor does my laptop. We’ll see how that goes.

One thing I wanted to a vlog on was our curriculum for the upcoming year and the supplies we have gotten specifically for that. We have gotten a ton of other supplies that I have been stashing in the once uncluttered homeschool area… yep, it’s pretty full again but at least it’s organized!

As for this morning it has been a little bit busy trying to get our chores done. I have also been working on a new magnetic chart for the kids… it’s still a work in progress but I’ll post a picture of that soon. I did get through most of my routine and in the process I decided to cut back my poor little plant.


Pitiful isn’t it?

After I cleaned the kitchen a couple of months ago I had moved my pretty plant to the top of the cabinet. Well, I kept forgetting to water it and it was looking a bit sad. This morning everything seemed dead so I cut it back and managed to find a couple of green areas so fingers crossed it will come back.

Last week our cleaning zone was in the Kitchen where I didn’t really do anything special. This week is the Bathroom and Another Room which happens to be the Office this time around. I don’t have an office so I’m gonna just try to work on getting me a better work area fixed up. I do plan on trying to get a deep cleaning done in the bathroom because it really needs it.

We have a special dance to attend tonight so I need to work on getting our outfits ready for that. I love the garment steamer that I got a few weeks ago. It works well on freshening up my outfits even the delicate lace trim on some of them. It also works well on Mr. Awesome’s pants and keeps us looking so well put together! It is much easier than using the steam press I have set up in the tiny bathroom as well.

I’m gonna keep the steam press around because it will be really useful when I get an area set up for sewing, I am trying to work on that this week too. I have a couple of ideas in my head but I haven’t actually gotten out my measuring tape or put pen to paper yet to see if it will work.

I’ve also been working trying to work on getting some lessons planned out and ready to go for the new school year. This has been a bit frustrating as our internet is once again not working well and the kids just get so excited when they see me working on stuff and printing out things.

Whew! This has taken me way longer than I intended… the internet keeps flipping in and out and my pics keep getting taken out of the post. I better stop while I am ahead right now as I still have a lot of things to finish up before lunch time.

I hope you all have a great day… What are your plans for the week?

Ohhhh….. I forgot to show y’all this picture:


Joey got his glasses and this was how he announced it to all of our friends and family… lol.

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