Family Fun Day: Books, Elvis, Ice Cream, and Another Huge UPS Delivery

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Oh what a day we’ve had. The kids thought it was gonna be just another boring day but it actually turned out to be quite interesting.

The morning started as it normally does with the exception that we had a cereal day instead of muffins… I just wasn’t in a muffin kinda mood this morning. Nobody complained either. Before breakfast the kids had done a little bit of their summer work books that I’ve printed off for them.


After breakfast we had some calendar time… do you like our new calendar we got from Lakeshore Learning? This picture was from the weekend. It is quite a bit bigger than our old one and I had a hard time finding a good place to put it. So for now it is in our ‘hallway’ and I put up some new remote control lights to help us see better. These are really neat and I had enough to put one in the closet as well.

After the chores, which included changing/washing the sheets and washing the whites, I had everyone load up in the van. Well first a couple of them had to change clothes because they had already gotten dirty. We also had to brush hair, wash faces, and go potty. Eventually we made it to the van and I had them asking so many questions about where we were going…. but I wanted to keep it a secret.

Thankfully, it didn’t take us long to get to our secret destination… the library! Yes, I’ve been saying we need to go and I finally made it happen. It took me a few minutes to fill out all of the paperwork and my hand is still a bit cramped but the pain is worth it. We now are all official library card holders. Might I add that the kids were impressively well behaved while I was doing paperwork. 

The kids had a blast exploring the different displays and the children’s section had some great puzzles, big blocks, and other fascinating things to behold. Plus there were tons of books!


They also had this cool Elvis display that went along with their Sock Hop theme.

It was a bit overwhelming for them as there were just so many books to choose from. I really wanted to check out the audio books but the kids were just a little bit crazy for that today. Jacob really wanted to stay and play with the huge building blocks that they had there.

After making their selections we headed to the grownup section where there were plenty of items to choose from. I ended up making a couple of quick picks from the homeschool section and I had grabbed a couple of books from the children’s section as well. Then we headed to the checkout.


Everyone got to use their library card but the librarians were kind enough to keep everything on one big long ticket for Momma. They also found me this great ‘Libraries Rock’ bag to haul our books in as I had forgotten to bring one.

After the library we headed to Powell’s Dairy Freeze… a place that often visited after square dances last year. We had some burgers and fries and cherry pies… well not the cherry pies…. but we did have some ice cream cones afterwards.


When we got home it appeared that our favorite UPS man… I’ll have to try to catch him one day to get a picture with him… had been to visit and left us quite a few packages on the porch. What did he bring?


Some more books and some other great goodies for the upcoming school year. I’ll try to do another post soon to tell you how we’ve been organizing our books for reading this year. I think we still have a few more deliveries to come and then I can really get to work on getting everything planned out for the next year. I’m so excited and so are the kiddos after seeing all the goodies we’ve been getting.

They were really excited to check out these new books that they borrowed from the library. Here are the kids choices:

Joey wanted to watch the Merry Madagascar while Jacob really wanted a dragon book. One of the librarians helped to find this one here.

The girls found these books and DVDs, Caitlyn picked out this Cinderelephant while Isabella chose the book about bears.


These were the ones that William finally decided on and I think he is going to really enjoy them.

Momma picked out these books here:


I had never even heard of this Eric Carle book but I just know the kids will love it and I had just read something about the Hiccupotamus the other day so I grabbed this one as well. The other books are about parenting, teaching, and homeschool. I’ve pretty much finished ‘I Hate School’ and I will be posting a short review on it soon.

We could’ve checked out many more books but I thought it best to start with a couple and then we can bring them back for more later on. I also knew I had some other plans so I was trying not to let a couple of the kids get past ‘the point of no return’ where they would be too overstimulated.


When we got home I made sure to add this little plastic zipper pouch to our new library bag so that I could keep all of their cards and the book receipts safe and sound. I attached the key ring cards to my car keys as well so I wouldn’t lose them or put them somewhere safe and not remember where I put them when I needed them. I’m sure some of you know what I mean.


The kids were so proud of their new cards and so am I. OK, I know that William doesn’t look too thrilled but he was… its just so hard to catch everyone looking my way and smiling at the same time.

I am excited to check all of the web features that the library has too offer as well. We have opened a world of new resources for FREE! Best of all is that we have 24/7 access to so many more materials and I don’t have to worry about where to store them!

The library also has a lot of different activities that they do every month for people of all ages. I did grab a couple of the calendars so I can try to check them out and coordinate our schedules so that we can hopefully attend a few events. If you haven’t checked out your local library I encourage you to do so soon!


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