A Completely Honest Review Of Our First Hello Fresh Box!

We were so very excited to try out Hello Fresh. If you haven’t heard of them they offer a subscription plan where you choose your plan and your meals. They will deliver the meals, fresh from the farm to your home, and they provide a tracking service so you will know when to expect the package. You even have the option to skip a week or two, if needed.

You will need the basic kitchen utensils plus a few things like, butter, olive oil, salt and pepper, and sugar. Other than those ingredients they pretty much provide everything right in the cute little bags they deliver.

The first meal I made was the Lobster Ravioli with Chorizo in a Sherry Cream Sauce with Honey-Roasted Carrots, which was a Premium meal. Seems so fancy, doesn’t it?

Here is a picture of the ingredients that were sent:


My biggest complaint was that the parsley was a little, well maybe more than a little, wilted and a couple of the tomatoes were really overripe. Other than that everything else seemed very fresh and ready to use.

And the recipe card:


Just about 30 minutes and 6 fairly easy steps to follow and we had this:


The picture doesn’t do it justice at all. The one thing I definitely would change would be the chorizo. I love using chorizo sausage but I prefer to use the crumbly kind and I think this would have went much better with this meal. Maybe when I recreate it I will give that a try.

The carrots were absolutely delicious as well and I think I can easily recreate a similar recipe. I had never thought of cooking carrots in this manner before but I can see all kinds of new possibilities. I would love to have used more chili pepper flakes but I was afraid of making them too spicy for the kids.

I really loved this meal but Mr. Awesome and the kids were more fond of the next meal. (The meals were designed for two people but there was plenty between the two for all of us to share and for me to give a tasting to the neighbors as well.)

Now this meal was also delicious and I will be attempting to recreate this meal on my own very soon. Our second meal was the Beef Taco Pizzas with Poblano and Jalapeno Peppers plus Two Kinds of Cheese.

If you think this sounds spicy well it could be. I removed all of the seeds and the ribs from the peppers before attempting to cook the meal. I didn’t want to set anyone on fire, but the seasoning for the sour cream added a little heat… Oops!

Here is a picture of all the ingredients:


So everything was OK in this bag. The peppers were a little bit wilted and the poblano pepper did have a couple of spots that I cut out before using as well as did the overripe tomato. I am a little bit picky about my produce so maybe that was just me. 

I didn’t get a picture of the recipe card but here is a picture of the finished meal:

Again, it took about 30 minutes and there were 6 fairly easy steps to get to this point.

This was the favorite of everyone else in the house. The pizza tasted very ‘Fresh’ and was really quite good but I just didn’t really care for the seasoning too much. I will be trying something similar but maybe using some different seasonings and/or toppings.

All in all these meals were both very delicious and something different for us. We did enjoy them both very much but the price would not be something I could do on a regular basis unless I had bookoos of referrals… hint, hint… I’m just kidding folks.

But if you want to try out different recipes or maybe you want to impress someone special with your culinary skills then this is a good idea for you. These would also be great for a special date night idea at home. The recipes are so easy to follow and they do include most of what you will need to prepare the meals.

I impressed myself with the lobster ravioli and the carrots were so very delicious! I also learned how valuable a shallot can be and that substituting them with a sweet onion may not always give you the best results. I have already been looking at the upcoming menus as I am eager to give it another try. I love to try out different recipes and foods. This does give me the chance to do both on a budget and with some easy recipes that I can work with to come up with new ideas for my family.

Are you ready to give this a try? Use my special link here to get $40 towards your first purchase, (Yes, I’ll get a little kickback too that we would really appreciate.)

Note: I did receive a discount to give this a try and I ordered the 2 meal

Happy Cooking!

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