Midweek Progress: Coming Back From An Organizing Burnout

So this post was schedule for this past Wednesday but somehow failed to post. Here it is though…. better late than never. Happy Independence Day everyone! I hope and pray you all have a wonderful holiday.This week has been so busy already. Over the weekend I finished tackling that other half of the Main Room I mentioned in this post here. This was home to most of our school supplies.

I can’t even tell y’all what a mess we’ve had since we cleaned out the closet a couple of weeks ago. It’s still a bit cluttered in the Living Room section but it is so much better than it was.

I saw this post from FlyLady which describes just what I was trying to do.

Yep, I was in complete burnout mode and lost sight of my overall goal. Once I got past this and motivated myself to just do it I was able to start letting things go.

It was really hard to find the motivation to do this. I finally just sat down with a pen and paper and planned out what I needed to happen. I knew we needed a place for books, art supplies, basic supplies, tech stuff, and the teaching supplies needed to be better organized. Not to mention I needed an office space.

We donated over 300 pounds of books and homeschool supplies this week! That’s a lot of stuff but we didn’t need it anymore. Some of it was actually a duplicate of something we already had as I couldn’t find things before. I was shocked at how many duplicate items we did find.

Here’s some pics of how our progress went.

First I set out two boxes for donations and keep. I also had a trash bag for things that just went any good.

Then I decided to tackle what would now be the arts and crafts cabinet. I took EVERYTHING out and piled it on the table.

That’s a lot of stuff and it was just from one cabinet! Ahhhh… I was feeling pretty defeated at this time.

Here is the after of the cabinet:

Crayons and coloring books are easily accessible now.

I had to put some supplies on top of the cabinet as well.

Everything is nice, neat, and labeled for easy access.

I then moved onto the cubbies. I knew I needed a place to store the teaching supplies

Here is the before:

Oh what a mess! But it is much neater now.

Since taking this pic I finally cleaned out their baskets and put together their portfolios for the year. Yay!

On top of the cubbies I’ve stored some other teaching supplies.

The next area was what is now the supply cabinet. We couldn’t even get into it without moving a ton of stuff first.

I first started to use this cabinet for something else but decided we needed the space for supplies. There was so much junk in here it wasn’t even funny but we muddled through it and here is the after:I love issuing shoe organizers for a variety of things like storing extra supplies. We also had to use totes to store some things up on top.We can finally get into the cabinet quite easily. Then it was time to work on what is now the tech cabinet. This is where I ran into trouble. I had to find some way to deal with the piles of stuff sitting around blocking cabinets. As it wasn’t mine to get rid of I boxed everything into a couple of empty totes and set them to the side.Sorry, I didn’t take a before picture. I did have a mini meltdown mid session here. There was just so much stuff in this little area and not enough space to spread it all out.Then I moved a shelf that we had by the table to the top of the cabinet which meant I had to move the Spielgaben set to my desk. I then made a place for the printers, the charging station, laptops, and the tablets.Not the best pic but maybe you can see it. Then the shelf on top looks like this:I have changed a couple of things around since I took this pic but it still looks about the same. I also added the bulletin board here which used to be by the front door. It fell down when I was doing the Living Room decluttering missions.We then needed to turn our attention to the bookcases which were a horrible mess. I have some before pics in this post here but they were even worse.Here is the after:The shelves are labeled now so the kids can find what they need and so they can put the books back where they belong.I may go back and add some colored stickers to the spines like I did before but that’s a project for another day.We also decluttered the toys. Here they were before:And after:The only area left to tackle was the metal filing cabinet I had in the corner behind the door. It was semi organized but not anywhere close to what I had it before we moved.Here are the after pics:This drawer has my coupon binder, coupon inserts, and household files.This drawer has the card stock, colored paper, labels, and photo paper in it.This drawer is Jacob’s favorite (and the cat’s). It holds the cat food and treats. I do have a couple of binders with papers in here too.The top drawer has miscellaneous household stuff like door knobs, shims, outdoor light, etc for projects that need completed.Hmmmm… let me think if there was anything else we worked on.Well I did add labels to a lot of the bins and shelves. I’ve also ordered a couple of items to put in place soon.Oh, I remember… I still needed an office space as my desk now holds the Spielgaben stuff.I decided to purchase a rolling cart from Walmart. It fits between the wall and the end of the table.It holds all of my office supplies, bill paying information, and blogging materials in the three drawers.It looks pretty nice and clean plus I can roll it anywhere I want to work. So convenient! It has already come in very useful and I can think of many other areas where I’d love to have a mobile unit.I did price a couple of buildings this week. I’m not sure if that is a route that we will be taking for storage or not but I do know we need some more space. I have pretty much gathered all sewing materials on this brown shelf.I do have some fabric and patterns in a rolling cart that is in my room. I also have my sewing boxes under the bed. Maybe one day we will have a dedicated sewing area.For now I’ll be happy with the progress we’ve made. I still need to come up with some more ideas as we have supplies and activities for next year arriving on a daily basis.This is a view into the kitchen… I’m really loving how much this opened up the walkway. I did manage to get those boxes on the left put away.This is the view when walk in the door. You can actually walk in the door a lot easier now.Here is the view of our calendar wall and toy shelf. I do have some pretty neat ideas for some projects here. I also have some more things coming to go in this area.Here is the table view. It looks so much better now! I still want to clean up that wall a bit as it seems a bit cluttered but it is much nicer now. You can see the computer sitting on my mobile office unit.I also cleared the back of the door and now it only holds the clothespin bag and my megaphone! I’ve needed this a few times and the kids have had a lot of fun playing with it too.Here is the view of the far wall. The book shelves look so much better! I like having the Spielgaben where we can reach it easily too. I had hole punched the activity cards when we first got them. The binders make it easy to access them.The kids also love their magnetic whiteboard we got a couple of years ago. They’ve also loved working with the alphabet magnets and the farm/wild animal magnets too. It moves easily from place to place.It is also a lot easier to find my teaching resources too.I’m not gonna lie and say this was a quick and easy process but I will say I am so glad I pushed through the difficulties and got it done. It is so nice to be able to find what I need when I need it. Anyway I hope y’all have a great week!

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