30+ Days of Quick and Easy Back To School Breakfast Ideas

I know we aren’t quite ready for back to school yet but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be thinking about it. It will sneak up on us quickly and I’m the type of person who likes to have a plan. We have somewhat lazy/laid back mornings here since we homeschool but I remember how crazy and chaotic school mornings could be.

I learned really quickly that we needed a breakfast plan so I’ll share our simple ideas with you. I asked my older kids at the time what their favorite breakfasts were and started from there. Anything hard was put on the schedule for the weekends and the easy stuff was rotated through the weekdays. Maybe these can help make your back to school mornings a little bit less stressful.

On the weekends we usually have a bigger breakfast than the weekdays because I have more time to cook as we don’t normally have school work to do and not as many chores either. Then on Mondays and Fridays we will have cereal. Tuesdays are French Toast days while Thursday is for Pancakes. Then on Wednesdays we either have toast, bagels, or muffins and sometimes we will have some scrambled eggs or fruit to go with it.

How do I keep up with what we are having and when? I use my Cozi Calendar to keep track of everything but the kids know what we are having by what day it is. This has saved us from a lot of morning meal battles as they already know what to expect. If they want something special they can request if for a weekend.

I have a sample of a month’s breakfast calendar here:

Sample Breakfast Plan.jpg

Now you may be thinking that this gets pretty boring but it doesn’t, really it doesn’t. We are always buying different cereals and sometimes I like to buy the flavored instant oatmeal packets from Sam’s Club so there is always a variety. I also like to change up the French Toast every now and then and we might top it with syrup, fruit, or Blueberry Syrup and whipped cream. Our muffins are a big thing and we have several recipes that we have posted on here (just search muffin) and Jacob is constantly coming up with new recipe ideas.

The pancakes can also be switched up by adding chocolate chips, blueberries or sprinkles and they can be topped with a variety of things. My kids love to put peanut butter on theirs. Then the weekends have a wide variety of things that we rotate through. My kids love this plan but if something doesn’t work for you and your family then change it up a little.

Here is a list of our favorite breakfast recipes:Breakfast Ideas

Click here to print/save the PDF version.

You can also check out my Breakfasts or old Meal Plan posts for more links to breakfast ideas. Many of these can be prepped the night before and warmed up or quickly cooked the next morning for a nice warm meal to fill those tummies with. This will give them a good start to their day and you will feel good about it too.

I also have an ebook or paperback that you can purchase from Amazon with some of these recipes and more.

So, grab a blank sheet of paper and start writing down some ideas. Then delegate these ideas to certain days. For us it was just easiest and simplest to keep all the weekdays the same. This also helps with our special needs son who really thrives with a consistent routine. Remember to save those more tedious meals for the weekends or your days off.

Blank Breakfast Planner

Then you can start writing them onto your calendar or you can print off this simple Breakfast Planner for making out your own breakfast plan. You can and probably should involve the family in the planning as well which may help to prevent those ‘I don’t wanna eat that’ battles. This will also help with your grocery shopping as you will know what you need to keep on hand for those busy mornings!

Let me know what your favorite quick and easy breakfast is in the comments below.

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