10 Tips For Water Safety

It’s officially summer! It’s hot and has been for the past couple of months here in Florida. This means many of us are seeking some cool comfort in the water. Our kids have been learning to swim this summer and they have had plenty of chances to practice our water safety guidelines.

We’ve also been out on the boats a couple of times which can be a bit scary with youngsters but we make sure they understand the rules, and the importance of following the rules, BEFORE they get in or near the water. With so many reports of dry drownings and accidental drownings I wanted to share some of our water safety tips.

  1. NEVER go near the water without an Adult’s permission!
  2. ALWAYS wear your life jacket!
  3. NEVER swim alone or unattended.
  4. ALWAYS get out of the water when you see lightning.
  5. NEVER roughhouse, push, or run around the water.
  6. ALWAYS call for help if you get scared.
  7. NEVER dive or jump in without checking with an adult.
  8. ALWAYS follow the adult’s instructions.
  9. NEVER use the water as a potty.
  10. ALWAYS practice good manners and common courtesy.

While we don’t have a pool we do live on a pond. I’d love to make a sign similar to this one to display our rules. If I do come up with something I’ll update this post. Also remember when choosing a life jacket that you get one specifically designed for your child’s weight. We like to use the ones with the ‘butt-strap’ as my kids call it. It helps to prevent them from slipping out. We like these here and here.

We always make sure to keep a close eye on the kids while swimming and an adult is always within arm’s reach of any child. I read somewhere where a doctor said that most of the drownings he had seen had happened because of a distracted adult! Many times at group gatherings drownings occur because everyone thinks that someone is watching the kids. I try to keep this from happening by making sure everyone knows that they are responsible for their child’s safety.

Have fun and be safe! Remember to wear your sunscreen and bug spray while outside too! Our favorites are the Mineral Sunscreen Spray from Honest and the Babyganics Insect Repellent from Grove Collaborative.

I also posted links to my favorite girl’s swimsuits in this post here, if you are interested.

**This post does contain affiliate links.


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