Kirby’s Kids: Our Favorite Homeschool Supplies and Printable Checklist

A lot of what you need for homeschool is dependent on how, who, where, when, why, and what you are teaching. A kindergarten child may not need a thesaurus while a high school child with lots of writing assignments will find it very useful. I have found that a lot of what we use are your basic back to school items that can normally be found on sale before the start of public school.

As I was going through our supplies I thought it might be helpful to come up with a checklist for everyone to go by. I have divided this list into what we use most and then some of the other items that we use on occasion which would be optional. I have provided affiliate links for a lot of the items that I order online because it is just easier for me to have the items delivered. (Affiliate links help to support this blog and allow me to provide more FREE resources.)

Most Used

Some of these items like the pencil sharpeners, staplers, and hole punches are not purchased every year so I try to invest in higher quality ones that will last. The printer we bought last year was a bit expensive and I had to save a while but the money we’ve saved in ink has proven that it was an excellent investment. We have only filled the tanks one time and still have plenty of ink left.

  • Printer Paper — we go through 2-3 of these per school year
  • Scissors
  • Rulers
  • Pens (For Momma)
  • Pencils (invest in the good ones like these)
  • Pencil Sharpeners (electric is great, if possible — or I love this old school one here)
  • Erasers (the ones on the pencils will be gone in no time)
  • Highlighters
  • Stapler and staplers — (I’ve had my eye on this one for awhile now.)
  • Notebooks
  • Ruled Paper
  • Construction Paper
  • Markers (washable, sharpie, and any others that you may need.)
  • Crayons
  • Colored Pencils
  • 3 Ring Binders (at least one per child — we like the ones with the clear front as each child can decorate a cover page.)
  • 3 Ring Hole Punch
  • Good Printer and Ink/Toner (Wireless is great and we really love this one here (bought last year) which is a tad bit expensive but this black and white (bought in 2016 and still going) one here works great too.)
  • Dictionary and Thesaurus
  • Glue or glue sticks
  • Tape
  • Index Cards
  • Craft Supplies not listed (Paint, brushes, card stock, glitter, etc.)
  • Calculator (for checking all of those math problems)
  • Crates or Baskets for each child to keep their work in
  • Post It Notes and flags which come in so handy!
  • File Folders (We use a lot of these for lap books and other projects)
  • Library Card (We haven’t gotten our new ones yet but hopefully we will soon.)
  • Essential Oil Diffuser and Oils — this is a must here at our home to keep everyone focused
  • Fidgets (There are a wide variety of these that we use but they help so much)
  • Other items specific to courses — Ex: cutting boards, recipe books for Cooking Class


  • Laminator and supplies (This was one of my first purchases in 2015 and we still use the same one.)
  • Binder Machine (I bought this right after the laminator)
  • Paper Cutter (We use this, the laminator, and the binder a lot at the beginning of each quarter as I like to put all of their assignments in workbooks.)
  • Magnetic Dry Erase Board and Dry Erase Markers
  • Chalk Board and Chalk
  • Laptop or Desktop (this may not be optional if you use an online curriculum)
  • Calendar
  • Reward box — (My kids love this and I keep it stocked with fun things for everyone like these items here, here, and here. You can also stock it with Dollar Store items as well.)

I hope this helps you get a head start on what you need and if you like you can print out the FREE checklist here. I will try to keep this updated as we find new items that we like and use on a regular basis.

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