Have Your Kids Went Down ‘The Slide’ This Summer?

How is everybody? Have the kids been driving you bonkers yet since they are out of school? Well, a couple of my kids haven’t finished their school work yet but hopefully they will be completely finished by Friday. As I was going through the rest of their assignments I came across a couple of links that I thought I’d share.

As many of you know I homeschool my kiddos and we like to use Easy Peasy All In One Homeschool. Most everything is FREE and so useful. They are always adding new things to the site as well and I am ever so thankful for them. My kids really love the site and all of the different resources that they provide. They have learned a lot of different subjects and various subject matter. However a lot of times our kids get so busy playing that they forget, what they’ve worked so hard to learn during the previous year, over the short summer. This can cause for a lot of trouble at the beginning of the new school year. 

The most useful links I found to help prevent this have been the ‘Climb the Summer Slide!‘ links. They currently have the workbooks available for Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3. You can buy them by using the affiliate links I’ve provided there or you can print them from the site for FREE, which is what I’ve done.

They also have links to ‘Math Facts Practice Books‘. You can get the Addition Facts, Subtraction Facts, Multiplication Facts, or even Division Facts by using these affiliate links or go directly to the site to print them for FREE as well. You can often find Flash Cards at the Dollar Stores as well. Please note that these affiliate links cost you nothing extra and help to support this blog and my family.

The way we are implementing these workbooks is that the kids will complete 2 pages of each Climb the Summer Slide! workbook every day as well as 2 pages in the Math Facts Practice Books that I have chosen for each individual child. After they finish this work they are done for the day and can have some Free Play as long as they have completed their ‘contributions’ for the day.

We’ve also made up some flash cards to use during snack time. If you don’t want to make your own I found these cards on Amazon for the younger kids and these math facts cards for the older kids. I also found these really neat pencil grippers for the younger kids and they love these big pencils too! Just a little bit of practice prevents the summer slide and keeps them from getting burned out at the same time.

I am hoping that these little workbooks will help my kids to enjoy their summer and maybe the only slide they will go down will be the ones on the playground. I’m going to go swap out a load of laundry and try to get back to planning a little bit more for our next school year. I am hoping to post some information on that pretty soon as we placed a big order yesterday and my phone has been getting shipping notifications all day!

I hope you all are enjoying your summer!


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