Living Room Kleaning Missions: Weekly Wrap Up

Oh my what a week! We definitely didn’t make as much progress as I had thought we would but that’s ok. Our house and family has benefited from what we have done and it shows.

If you missed the mid week progress you can check it out here.

This post does contain a lot of screen shots from Pinterest. Feel free to check out my boards to find the links to these posts. There may also be a few affiliate links sprinkled throughout the post as well.

Day 3

Part of the lack of progress is my pure lack of motivation/laziness. Not to mention my recent obsession with Pinterest. If you follow me then you know what I’m talking about. So many ideas!

I am also a planner. I like to know what I’m doing, when I’m doing it, and how I’m doing it. When you have limited space (with a lot of stuff) it’s especially important when to think things through before rearranging and moving things around.

I’ve been obsessed with a couple of projects and I have a notebook full of ideas and sketches. A big part of the day was spent trying to figure out how to re-purpose some items we currently have into a new area. I’m hoping to be posting about this project in a few weeks.

It never fails when I get on Pinterest I get completely sidetracked and find neat ideas like this:

Ummm… how cool would it be to have a huge tree in the middle of the house? Giggle… I think the kids would love it and it could really tie in with one of the upcoming projects we have on schedule. I was inspired to look this up because of our recent trip to the Bass Pro Shop where they had the poles wrapped with trees.

Then I went through some of my old decorating pins and some new ones. So many ideas but I can’t decide exactly how I want to decorate this little cabin. We want to keep the walls and general layout as original as we can. We do have several projects planned too so it’s hard to imagine what the final outcome will look like and how to decorate.

I just love these ideas for the kitchen/dining are but I can’t decide on red, blue, or both.

Then these ideas are totally inspiring to me as well even though we don’t have a staircase or a wall big enough to hold that entertainment center.

Enough daydreaming and wasting time. Pinterest can keep me company on nights when I can’t sleep. I know that once we get the house organized then we can start with the decorating and making it feel ‘homey’.

After a big pancake breakfast we got a little bit of work done in spite of all of my scatterbrained ideas. We did our regular chores and I remembered to water the plant in the kitchen.

I keep forgetting about this poor plant because I moved it when we cleaned the kitchen a couple of weeks ago.

The girls mostly worked on school work but I did have them running back and forth from the laundry shed swapping out loads so we could finally get caught up. The rain seems to have passed and it is great to be able to get a few things done outside.

I attempted to get caught up on a few other things like emails too but I didn’t have a lot of success as the interruptions were seemingly endless. It was just one of those days.

Then Mr. Awesome got home and completely amazed me by what he did! He went to the bedroom and starting going through stuff. I guess my cleaning bug is contagious.

After a couple of hours he was able to put all of his clothes into his dresser and his nightstand is much clearer. He has found that when the laundry is done on a regular schedule he doesn’t need so many outfits. We do have a few extra outfits that’s will be put in the closet for storage.

There are still a few stray items to take care of and find new homes for but it’s progress and I’m so excited! We have some more empty baskets and containers that we can reuse elsewhere as we continue on our decluttering missions through the house.

He also found close to $100 in cash and change while cleaning! He is pretty sure I planted the cash to motivate him but I’m not admitting to anything. It really does pay to clean every now and then even though I’ve only found a couple of dollars and some loose change here and there.

I’m not exactly sure what motivated him to do this but I did tell him nicely that clutter makes me crazy. Maybe he has seen a bit of that crazy side lately?

We also moved the DVDs from the bedroom to the newly organized and repaired media shelf in the Living Room. Mr. Awesome had also found a CD wallet that we can use for the DVDs that were missing cases.

After dinner I finally got the project layout finished. I was just trying to fit too much stuff into one little area but after sketching it out to scale I was able to see what would fit and what wouldn’t. Before bed I placed an order for a couple of items I’ll need for getting that project finished.

Day 4

It was a rough start to the morning. I’m not sure why but everyone seemed a bit cranky. At least breakfast was pretty easy as it was cereal day.

Then I got to work paying bills using the stove as my desk. I have realized that not having a dedicated work space has been a big downfall for me. Before I had my work space in the dining room plus I had my little area in my master closet. Here I don’t have ‘my own space’. I really do need to work on making a dedicated office space for the bills, supplies, and such that I need.

My current work spot is a complete mess.

I’m hoping that when we get the storage area fixed up I can relocate a lot of the arts and crafts stuff there. Then maybe I can have a small workspace there too?So the cleaning mission today was the TV wall. I decided to do this wall so that it would ‘complete’ the Living Room section of the Main Room. Plus it was a fairly easy section and we had a square dance that evening so I didn’t want to overdo it.

After paying the bills I set some hamburger out for Taco Soup. I also took a peek at the leftovers so I would know what we are having for lunch.

The girls worked on school work while the boys watched some educational videos on YouTube. After morning snack we set to work on cleaning up in the Living Room.

First thing was to straighten up a little. Then I gathered some cleaning supplies. You can find the wood cleaner and then glass cleaner here.

We also fixed this shelf again.

And found a new home for the remotes and gaming supplies in an empty drawer.

Here’s a look at what was in that shelf before.

After emptying, fixing, and moving the shelf I set to work cleaning the wall and the TV.

My feather duster came in really handy for the TV and components. Once everything was cleaned and adjusted it was time for lunch. The floor got a good mopping beforehand though.

While the floor dried I fixed some plates and threw some stuff in the crockpot for dinner.

Then we took a quick walk out to the garden.

When we came back in to finish there was a snake in the floor!

Thank heavens it was only a toy. The boys went to my bed for quiet time while the girls and I worked in the Living Room. I was able to remove a big bag of stuffed animals and miscellaneous toys while they were out of the the room.

We started putting the furniture back in place. Caitlyn used the wood cleaner to wipe down the tables.

Isabella had decided to sort through the toy shelf and found the missing puzzle pieces. I was able to wrap them all up and set the in a box to donate.

Here is the finished room. It looks and smells so much better!

We also gave the closet a quick pickup and vacuum. Then we mopped the floors and began preparing for the dance later on.

We had a lot of fun socializing and seeing friends at the dance. The kids love to go and they enjoy the end of the dance when we do the ‘Big Circle’ and say ‘Good Night’. Afterwards we went out to eat with a few people.

I had planned to finish up the ceiling, center beam, and fans the next morning but once again I wasn’t feeling well. Sigh… I eventually felt a little better and joined everyone outside. The kids played while Mr. Awesome tinkered around with his boat. It was a pretty good day even though we didn’t accomplish a whole lot. We did have a lot of fun and got to relax a bit.

All together this week we removed about two bags of trash and donated six or seven bags of items. Wow! I didn’t know we had that much stuff hidden. In retrospect I would’ve loved to have been able to do this when we moved. We did get rid of a lot back then but I had underestimated how much stuff we actually had.

It would be wonderful to be able to pull everything out of the house and start over. Then we could see exactly what we have and only put back what we really needed and/or wanted. I know there was a TV show like this before … maybe it was called ‘Clean Sweep’?

Anyways I can’t do that right now unless I had a lot of help and a babysitter. Part of the reason I didn’t tackle the other side of the room was the toy situation.

This may not look too bad but there are more toys in other areas too. The toy storage is constantly overflowing into the walkway and the bathroom ‘hallway’ so I need to rethink this arrangement. My poor brain doesn’t want to think about it right now but I’ll tackle it soon enough.

We also have the bookshelves that need some major attention too. Do you notice the recurring dinosaur theme? Maybe I should decorate around them and the tree idea would probably work well with that too.

Yep, that’s the volcano we made a couple of months ago sitting on top. Plus a stack of unopened Kiwi Crates that I haven’t had time to use.

The homeschool area and cubbies really need some attention as well.

I really should make a trip to Dollar Tree soon to find some new baskets as the cubbies are constantly overflowing and spilling out into this ‘hallway’. Our house is definitely a work in progress and it is a continuous battle to get and stay organized. I know that once we get the clutter conquered this work will be well worth it and life will be so much simpler.

Things I want to be able to do when we get through with organizing the house.

Sigh… I guess I better go for now as I hear someone yelling that they are out of toilet paper. This reminds me of a Pin that I need for the bathroom.

At least we will have another empty tube to add to our collection for future projects like the ones on this board here.

Ok, that’s enough for now. Have a wonderful weekend!

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