Bedroom Kleaning Missions and More Rain

Hey y’all! It’s me again. I’m a little late getting this out, as usual here lately.

Last week was mostly spent organizing the Master Bedroom. One day’s mission was to clean out from under the bed. This was a little scary as I have quite a bit stored under there.

Before I could start under the bed I had to replace the light bulb in the ceiling fan. I wanted to have plenty of light just in case there were any sneaky critters hiding under there. After finding a snake at the door that leads out to the dock in this room I wouldn’t have been surprised to have found one under there.

This wasn’t an easy task as I couldn’t reach it very easily. My solution is not one I recommend but it did the job.

While I was up there I went ahead and gave the fan and light a good cleaning. It’s amazing how much dirt can build up so fast!

Then I went ahead a dusted all of the cobwebs and stuff I could see.

Jacob got into the cleaning mood as well.

Once the lighting was fixed I went on to the work on the stuff under the bed. I had a bag for trash and a bag for donations.

I brought out one box at a time and sorted through it before bringing out another. Before long it was finished and now I have all of my sewing supplies in one easy to reach area. I move all of the homeschool supplies to the main room to hopefully tackle in the upcoming week. I was also able to consolidate all of my office supplies into one smaller tote.

After tackling under the bed, and finding no critters, I worked on another project that has been on my To-Do list for quite a while.

I needed to tackle this mess of cords that went to the TV. Luckily I had put everything in one spot so it was easy to find.

This looks so much better. I also took down the screen I had behind my bed before. It gives a bit of a cleaner look.

The next project on the list was to tackle the loft area. This area was built for storage and most of the stuff hadn’t been touched since we moved in.

It was a mess up there. I know the tops of the dressers are a mess too but one thing at a time. First thing to be moved was the party supplies. I couldn’t figure out where our St. Patrick’s Day things were earlier this year but I found them up here along with some of the Sock Hop decorations. They all went to the storage area on the porch.

Then I had the girls bring all of the games and puzzles from the main room into the bedroom so we could have everything together. We pulled all of the games down from the loft area and went through all of them one by one, donated the duplicates, and got rid of the ones that were missing pieces. We then relocated them to an easier to access shelf in the main room.

The kids have had a ton of fun playing with the puzzles and board games this weekend. The rainy weather has been no fun again but being stuck inside has been more tolerable since we had more things to do.

Before putting some of the other items back we cleaned out the dust bunnies and all. I did leave the stack of molding there for now as we will be using some of it for an upcoming project that I’m super excited about.

I went through my bookshelf and found a few books that needed relocated and a few that I decided to pass along. I have a really hard time letting go of books but I seriously want to simplify things and I am working on letting go of stuff that really doesn’t make me happy.

We ended up with a couple of bags of things to donate as well as a bag of trash.

Whew! That was a lot of stuff that went out. I am still working on the clothes in this area and I am hoping to turn the big closet into a ‘family closet’ to free up some more space in the bedroom.

We had a busy week when we weren’t cleaning. I had whittled down the grocery list and decided to do another Pantry Challenge Week. Our meal plan for the week included Crockpot Cream Cheese Chicken, Popover Pizza, and Laura’s Sweet Pork to name a few.

We did manage to get to the store, grab some groceries, and make it back to the van before the rain let loose on me. I did get thoroughly soaked as I loaded up the groceries into the van. At least it paused long enough to get them in the house.

The boys and the ducks didn’t seem to mind the rain though.

There was a square dance with the Mandarin Marauders on Monday evening where we were locked out for a bit. We decided to dance in the parking lot until the keys arrived. Luckily it wasn’t raining but we did dance around the puddles.

We had a blast and I actually got to wear a new dress that I bought a few months ago. The size was wrong and I was afraid I would never get into it but I did. Yay!

You can also watch a video I made from this dance here.

We visited another club, the Dixie Dancers, on Tuesday. We had a lot of fun dancing with them as well.

On Friday we had our Memorial Day Dance in Ft. White with the Silver Stars. There was a crowd from another club, The Salty Bobbers, who came to steal our banner.

A group of us also earned our Mummy Dangle for wrapping one of the callers, Mr. Awesome, in toilet paper.

Then on Saturday we took a walk to the garden and I actually pulled the first weed! The plants are looking great and seem to be benefiting from all this rain.

That evening we took a couple of the kiddos out for their belated birthday dinner and shopping trip.

We ate at a Mexican restaurant, called Peppers, and it was pretty good. It was more authentic than a lot of the ones we have eaten at before.

At Walmart one of the kids got a new tackle box and Jacob found a deal on the clearance aisle. He got a 4D Dinosaur game that was regular around $30.00 for only $7.00. A child after my own heart. He still had enough to buy some bubbles and candy too.

I spent most of the next day in bed with a migraine. Oh what fun! Today has been better and I did make a quick grocery run earlier so that has been taken care of for the week.

Last week was a bit hard for me as far as decluttering. I spent quite a bit of time on Pinterest trying to find tips and suggestions. I know I just have to keep my goal in mind. I really want to simplify things and minimize the clutter around us so we spend less time cleaning and looking for stuff and more time on fun stuff. With that in mind I have to really look at everything and decide if it is something truly beneficial, does it make us happy, and does it fit in with our goals?

If the item doesn’t meet these requirements then it goes away. (I have even given away some of the items I had kept from the last kitchen cleaning.) I have been asking some of my older kids if they want some of the items as we have had them since they were younger. A lot of the board games had been used by them when they were growing up.

This is a process and it isn’t as simple as I thought it was going to be. Every little mission gets us one step closer to our goal and helps to motivate us and keep us going. This week we will be working in the main room as I believe that the FlyLady missions will be in the Living room.

This should be fun as the kids really hate letting go of anything and they have a lot of toys in there. Hopefully our upcoming project will help to motivate them to let go of a few things.

Anyways, I hope everyone had a great weekend and a Happy Memorial Day!

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