Cabin Fever

WARNING: This post is probably one of my whiniest, depressing, and just gloomy posts ever!

I think we’ve all heard of Cabin Fever but maybe you haven’t really ever had to deal with it. I know the term gets thrown around here and there but actually experiencing it is no fun at all.  It is described as:

cab·in fe·ver


noun: cabin fever
  1. irritability, listlessness, and similar symptoms resulting from long confinement or isolation indoors during the winter.

Well, this past week and weekend I have had a horrible case of it even though winter has passed. (I’ve also come down with a bit of a cold after taking the boys to the doctor and I haven’t felt very well.) It has been raining, raining, and raining like crazy and we’ve been stuck in the house quite a bit.

Then when we do go out we are usually headed to a dance and dodging mud puddles with dance shoes and crinolines on is not a whole lot of fun.  (I don’t really know why it has been so bad right now as I’ve spent many a week or more snowed in when we lived up north and I don’t ever remember dealing with Cabin Fever to this extreme.)

This girl needs sunshine and fresh air. I love to open the windows and the doors whenever I can but since finding a snake on the back door step I don’t keep that door open very often. Then we only have a couple of windows to open as this is an old cabin so the breeze I am used to isn’t quite the same.

The lack of windows also means that our cabin is dark. We have put in some new lights which help a bit but there is not a whole lot of natural light that comes in. Then with the stormy weather there is almost no natural light at all. The kitchen has the most natural light and fresh air so maybe that’s why I like spending so much time in there.

Everyday chores have been quite frustrating like washing clothes. I had put them off for a few days last week thinking that the rain would clear up and we would get it all caught up. Well, we did get it caught up but the rain is still coming down and it just ended up being a lot more work to get done, in the rain, over the weekend. I am putting off going out to the wash shed right now but I know it has to be done.

We do have a fairly nice porch that we can use when the weather is gloomy but it does have a few leaks. I also have a good portion of it tarped off for storage right now as well. We do enjoy going out to feed the fish and watch the wildlife but with the rain their hasn’t been a whole lot of wildlife to see.

The rain has kept us from hauling off trash and the trash bins are full so I have a couple of bags of trash on the porch. Going out in the morning to find that the coons have been in the trash again is really getting old. I’m so tired of picking up trash but we haven’t been able to make a trip to the dump because of all the rain.

Then of course when you have so many people cooped up inside its only a matter of time before someone gets on someone’s nerves. The kids have started picking at one another and then when they aren’t bickering they are pulling out every toy imaginable. At some point during the week someone threw something on my work space and ended up breaking a favorite vase that I had there.

Sometimes when I am in a bad mood I find that cleaning can help so I busied myself for a little while cleaning up the mess and organizing the space a little bit but honestly I get tired of constantly cleaning and organizing things. Plus trying to clean and organize with so many people around is quite challenging to say the least.  I really do like for everything to have a place and for everything to be fairly neat and tidy but this week that has seemed impossible.

I love being in the kitchen and trying out new recipes and had a few planned for the weekend but once again those plans didn’t happen. One reason was that our grocery trip was cut short by a tantrum and then the rain kept me from going out.

Why? Well, when it is raining like it has been we don’t park close to the house. Then that means that I will be carrying groceries for quite a ways and I usually have several trips back and forth from the van to the house. Then once the groceries are in the house some of them will need to go out the shed where we have a second fridge and freezer. This means more trips back and forth through the puddles and the rain. Yes, I’m whining about getting wet but I don’t feel well as it is and I really don’t want to get any sicker than I already am.

Before I get any comments about having the kids help I will say that the kids normally do help with carrying in the groceries and toting them out to the shed.  With the wet weather and all the mud that also means more mess, more laundry, and that is just not anything that I really want to add to my plate right now.

Grrrr… it really has been a series of events that keep piling up and making everything seem like it is a bigger problem than it is really is. I mean one thing isn’t so bad but when you add two or three things one right after another a person will reach a limit where they just feel overwhelmed. That’s me right now and actually pretty much the past week. This mood has just gradually gotten worse every day and I am trying so hard to shake it. I know that once the rain passes and I can get out a bit I will be better but right now is tough. I guess this is one of the down sides to small house living.

Every little thing irritates me and it seems that everyone around me is just trying to irritate me. I am tired but I can’t sleep. I really lack energy to do anything. I’m bored but I just can’t seem to come up with ideas to beat it. I am so scatterbrained it isn’t funny. I just wanna go out and do something except pick up trash again! I know that we are to do all things without grumbling and complaining but this past week has been so hard for me! It really has felt like I was teetering on the brink of insanity and fighting a losing battle here.

The really bad thing is that this ‘cabin fever’ is contagious. I know it is. I am trying so hard but I know it is affecting others around me to varying degrees and Mr. Awesome has made a point to let me know about it the past few days. Does that help? No, not really but I am really trying hard to get over it.

At one point I thought I would just try to binge watch a couple of shows while the kids played. Mr. Awesome and the boys seemed to have no internet problems while playing their game but the minute I try to watch something it skips and freezes and refuses to work for me. Then I thought I would try to work on the computer a bit but I had the same problems. Phone reception is not great right now either with all of the cloud coverage so that limited me to hanging with the little kids who eventually got tired of playing with Momma.

I also tried to check Pinterest for some more ideas for my kitchen window project but that didn’t go well. I couldn’t start on the project either as I haven’t been able to get to the store to get the supplies I need. I definitely need to make me a place for ‘rainy day’ projects. I did have a couple of sewing projects I could have worked on but with the kids being cooped up in the house too that thought quickly dissipated.

Well, I tried to nap but Mr. Awesome and the boys had the bed as the game system is in there so no nap in there for me. Then trying to nap on the couch while the kids played was almost impossible too so most of the time I ended up just laying still with my eyes closed listening to the rain on the tin roof. A long nap or two probably would’ve helped me feel better as far as the cold goes and it might’ve improved my mood as well.

Now I know this week has been pretty depressing for others as well as Mr. Awesome had planned on taking his boys out fishing on the boat. However the first trip on Wednesday was postponed until the weekend because of the rain. Then Saturday morning the boys didn’t get up early enough to beat the rain and it pretty much hadn’t stopped since. So that has also contributed to some of the moodiness going around.

I know we’ve all heard about how calming and comforting the sound of rain on a tin roof can be and many a country song refers to it but after hearing it day in and day out for over a week I could really go for a day or two without it right now.  OK, so enough of the depressed whining.

After laying in bed listening to that oh so familiar sound this morning I decided that this has got to stop whether the rain stops or not. I hate feeling like this and I know I am not setting a good example for anyone who is around me right now.

I decided to ask my friend Google about some Cabin Fever cures. I found a lot of useful information, if we were snowed in, maybe that’s why I don’t remember ever feeling like this before. When you are snowed in you can still, usually, get outside to play in the snow, build snowmen and forts, and such. Not a lot you can do in the rain though.

The first article I found here had some great ideas that we had tried and a few that we hadn’t or that just didn’t apply to us. Joey is our little inventor so he did manage to come up with a few inventions over the weekend like a rubber band guitar and the kids did make a few silly videos of themselves too. I could’ve gotten out some of the arts and crafts supplies but it honestly didn’t come to mind and the kids didn’t ask or we would have tried that. Learning to play the spoons sounds really interesting too as well as an indoor picnic. Some good ideas to keep in mind for another rainy day… trying to find some humor in this.

The second article I found here also has a slew of ideas, 101 to be exact. Again some of them don’t apply and some of them we did do over the weekend. We did bake some cookies, played games, colored, played checkers, cleaned out the toy bins, cleaned out the fridge, as well as some other things not listed but nothing really helped a lot with Momma’s mood.

So, I have decided to make a plan of action to kick this mood once and for all. Number one is that I am going to pray about this. With my lack of motivation and all this past week I have not been faithful in my morning quiet time which may have a lot to do with this mood I am in. I know I am stressed because of other issues as well as the weather but I just need to let go and hand it all over to God because He is the one who is in control.

Secondly, I am going to find a way to get most everything done that I would normally do. Keeping to our routines is important to me so I will put on the rain coat and the boots if I must and get the laundry started when I finish this post. It may be a challenge to find ways to turn all of my ‘I can’ts’ into ‘I can’s‘ but it is gonna happen.

Thirdly we are going to get out to the grocery store today. I will look up the local radar and try to find a good time to make a quick trip. I am going to shorten the grocery list and condense it down to just one stop, Walmart, which is only 5-10 minutes from the house. Mr. William has been to Walmart several times and has visited the restrooms there many many times so we will deal with any tantrums if they come up and we will come home with groceries. (You would have to read this post to understand the restroom issue.)

Then I am going to make it a mission to find something positive in every negative thought I have today.’Focus on the Good’ like my refrigerator magnet reminds me to do. I also plan to use this week to help me plan out some emergency preparedness ideas and posts. I know the Hurricane season has not officially started but this tropical system has me concerned that we may be in for a wet summer. Rather than spending the whole summer dealing with Cabin Fever I plan to be prepared for the next go round.

Another goal is to work on getting the porch to where we can use it more efficiently. If that means I need to donate all of the stuff I stored, then so be it. I am really motivated right now and I plan to try to tackle at least a couple of items a day out there so that hopefully we can get that section closed in, with plenty of windows for much needed light, and then we will have an area to use when we are cooped due to the weather. This could also be a great work space for Momma’s art and sewing projects as well as projects that Mr. Awesome wants to work on. Maybe even a ‘quiet space’ for Momma to get some work done which desperately needs to happen as my affiliate income has dwindled due to the lack of work I’ve put in.

I don’t expect that this will completely cure my Cabin Fever in just a day but I know it will help to improve my overall mood which well benefit everyone. If Momma ain’t happy then no one’s happy, right? Well this Momma wants to be happy and wants her kids to see her making the best of every situation no matter how good, how bad, or how wet it is.

Life is hard sometimes and sometimes we go through things that we just don’t understand. For myself, I just need to keep in mind that God has a plan and that all things will work together for the good.

Have you ever dealt with Cabin Fever? What are some of your favorite ‘cures’?

I’m off to check the radar as I don’t hear any rain at the moment. Fingers crossed we will have a long enough lull in the storm to get to town and back…. maybe even to get the groceries put up.


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