Bathroom And Extra Room Kleaning Missions Weekly Wrap Up

Hey everybody! I haven’t been doing daily updates this week as we haven’t done a whole lot of major cleaning missions at all. I overdid it last week and had to call in reinforcements just to get a few projects tackled this week.

Luckily Ms. Olivia was free for a couple of days and she came to stay with us. The kids loved having big sister back home and she really did help out quite a bit.

This week has been a very dreary week with rain and storms almost everyday. Not great for getting motivated to work but perfect for sleeping. The good side is that we haven’t had to water the garden at all!

This week was also a pantry challenge week for us and since we just finished organizing our pantry last week we had a pretty good idea of what needed to be used up.

We did our basic chores Monday morning and then the FlyLady mission was to clear the countertops and flat surfaces. This is something I try to keep on top of so I decided to take a couple of minutes and wipe down the vanity.

Then for the extra room we worked in the closet. I just had the girls pick up the dirty laundry that hadn’t made it into the hamper and put away anything that didn’t belong in there. Pretty simple but it helped out a lot when we needed to work in their later in the week.

Monday afternoon was mostly spent running around as we had to go pick her up and then get back home to get ready for a dance. Olivia went with us which was the first time she had attended one of our dances. We ate at Steak ‘n Shake on the way home and she treated little brother, ‘ Mr. Happy Birthday Man’, to a shake which he thoroughly enjoyed!

Our pantry challenge meal was chicken pot pie with some mashed potatoes. I had plenty of baking mix that need used and some leftover chicken from a weekend meal. Everyone loved this and there wasn’t much leftover.

Tuesday was Jacob’s birthday and he was so happy to finally be five! We had celebrated his birthday on Sunday but he was definitely ‘Mr. Happy Birthday Man’ all day.

The FlyLady mission was to scrub and shine the bathtub… I had planned to mix up some of that cleaning solution I mentioned in another post but didn’t get around to it. However we did work in the closet and got the organizers fixed. The kids had played around in the closet and someone had been pulling my crinolines out which resulted in the organizer coming apart.

We started with the front side of the organizer and pulled out all of the toys, games, and blankets. Then we fixed all of the connectors and replaced a couple of broken ones. Ms. Isabella then wiped down everything and we set it to the side.

The closet portion was a little bit more work as it holds my clothes and my wide array of crinolines. We removed everything and then fixed and replaced connectors. We also zip-tied a few connections to give it a little more stability and hopefully prevent the kids from tearing it apart so easily.

We cleaned it up and I sorted through my crinolines and put away a trash bag full of them to resell. It made a bit of difference and should help out a lot when I need to find a certain one in the future.

(I do need to refold and reorganize some of this stuff but its all back in its place for now.) We then had a quick snack of leftover ice cream cake…. Yum!

After that we did a quick cleanup in the house and then it was time to get ready for a special dance that evening. Mr. Awesome and I attended a graduation dance in Jacksonville and we had a great time.

This dress got a lot of compliments but I really need to make some alterations before I wear it (and that crinoline) again. I had so many safety pins I probably would’ve set off a metal detector if I’d had to pass through one.

Our pantry challenge meal was some chicken nuggets that had been in freezer, Mac n cheese from the pantry, and some potato wedges. Not anything fancy but these were all items that we had on hand and that needed to be used.

Wednesday morning was spent running a couple of errands that I had planned to do on Thursday but the discovery that we were out of toilet paper made it a necessary trip. I’m still not quite sure where all of the TP went but have plenty now.

We stopped by Dollar Tree where I picked up a couple of things like door alarms, zip ties, and some plastic hooks. I also found this magnet at the checkout which is now on my fridge. It has helped me a lot when I’m feeling a bit depressed by things that have been bothering me lately.

After Dollar Tree I had to stop by the bank to make a quick deposit, then fill up with gas, and a quick stop at Walmart for the TP and a couple of other items.

Wednesday’s FlyLady mission was to inventory the bathroom supplies… lol… too bad I hadn’t done this the day before but the only thing we were in need of was the TP so we were in good shape. I also checked to see if we had any empties that needed tossed.

The extra room mission that we tackled was William’s room. I had some totes stored under his bed with extra clothes in them. We went through the totes and sorted clothes to pull out for the kids. We had the girls empty their dressers, one at a time, so we could sort through their clothes as well. Then Olivia and I sorted through the boys clothes.

After distributing the ‘new outfits’, some of which still had tags on them, we packed away the extra clothes by sizes into the totes. We ended up with one empty one… yay!

(I do like to shop the clearance racks at the end of the seasons and the thrift store sales for items that we may need in the future. You can save quite a bit of money this way.)

We also had two garbage bags of clothes to donate.

We then swept and cleaned William’s room before putting the totes away. We also replaced the alarm on his window as he had taken it off over the weekend. I have alarms on the entry doors as well so that I can hear if anyone goes in or out because you can never be too careful, especially when you live around water.

After this mission we had a quick break before we headed out to the porch where we planned to sort through some clothes I had stored out there. Unfortunately it started to storm and we weren’t able to get that mission completed. However it shouldn’t take me too long to finish it when the weather is nicer.

Our pantry challenge meal was a big salad with some chicken thighs that Mr. Awesome cooked on the grill. We also had some leftover Mac n Cheese that I reheated on the stove with a little extra cheese and some milk, some potato cakes (I’ll work on getting that recipe up soon.) using the leftover mashed potatoes from Monday, and some baked eggplant.

Wednesday evening one of my older sons and his girlfriend came to visit. They walked out to see the little garden and then headed to Walmart with Olivia. They returned with a tackle box for Jacob, as that’s what he had asked for and a new fishing pole.

They also brought some ice cream sandwiches, cookies,  and a couple of pretties for me.

I really love the sunflowers and it has me rethinking my art project for the kitchen window. I am also looking forward to trying out this new mask.

Thursday morning was spent with some early morning doctor appointments for Jacob and Joey. They are a year apart but less than two inches and half a pound difference between them. It’s very easy to get them confused. All was well and they are two very healthy little guys.

We dropped off Olivia, after she treated us to a quick bite to eat, and then headed back home.

I can’t say that the rest of the day was very productive as I was just so exhausted. The rain plus the early wake up had me so sleepy. I did manage to get through the day but we didn’t do any kind of cleaning missions at all.

The FlyLady mission was to take 10 minutes to get rid of old cosmetics. I had already done this when I organized the bathroom last month and I just didn’t have the energy to do any other mission anywhere. I did manage to fix the couch hinge so we can fold it out into a bed again.

Our pantry challenge meal was Taco Ring, yellow rice (which we had an over abundance of), and some refried beans. Yummy!

After dinner we sat down and went through the workbooks for the girls’ homeschool lessons. I thought we were about finished but after checking over their work from the past couple of weeks I saw that we really needed to go back and review a few things so we will be extending their school for at least a few more weeks.

For Friday the cleaning mission was to clean and shine the bathroom sink. Again this had already been completed so I just gave the bathroom a good cleaning and worked on catching up laundry. I had been letting it slide a little this week as I really didn’t feel like going out in the rain to carry baskets of clothes back and forth from the wash shed.

For breakfast we had cookies… yes, cookies. I was trying to think of a way to use up some of that oatmeal we found in the pantry and decided to make some breakfast cookies. We used some brown sugar and raisins too. The kids really enjoyed them but the recipe needs a little more tweaking before I can post it.


Well, I had intended to get this posted over the weekend but between the rain and the internet that hasn’t been cooperating very well it just didn’t happen.

This weekend was not my best… I don’t know if it was the rain or what but I was just in such a gloomy mood and I just couldn’t shake it. We all get that way sometimes but I really hate feeling like that.

Not to mention the kids have been a bit rambunctious as the weather has kept them inside or on the porch a lot this past week. (They love being able to feed the fish from the porch and watch the turtles come up. They spotted a baby soft shell turtle this weekend and have named him Tiny.)

Saturday morning there was a break in the rain and I attempted to make a grocery run as we desperately needed it. William decided to throw a tantrum before we even made it out of the produce department so we put back the couple of items in the buggy and we went home.

Yep, Momma was tired and I felt that I needed to prove the point that tantrums don’t cut it. This is a constant battle with him as he is special needs. We do really well for a bit and then we have a period where he will test us all over again, much like a toddler in the terrible twos stage.

His latest thing has been that he wants to visit every bathroom within a mile radius of wherever we may be whether he needs to go or not. (This same kid will play for hours without changing location or going potty at home.) If we are out and about and he sees a bathroom sign or if we go into a new store then he has to go and check out the facilities.

Wonders of all wonders is that his urge to visit the restroom completely disappeared when he realized we were going home. Now if I had believed that he truly needed to use the restroom then we definitely would have went.

Then we had company over the weekend which I definitely wasn’t prepared for and didn’t have the groceries I needed to cook what I would’ve like to have cooked. We were out of butter for one thing and sugar for another. Those two items alone are biggies here.

So I was frustrated and then when I was prepared to make the grocery run sans kids the rain started again. It has rained pretty constant the whole weekend.

We did manage to make a couple more pantry meals like Sweet n Sour Meatballs with Homemade mac n cheese and oven roasted brussel sprouts, homemade spaghetti, Pancakes with Blueberry Syrup, pigs in a blanket with some leftover Mac n cheese and fruit cocktail, and then some oven bbq’d ribs (I’ll have to post that recipe too.) with potato salad and deviled eggs along with some chocolate chip cookies for dessert.

We’ve also had a lot of family stuff going on. We have some family with health issues and that in itself can but a strain in everyone.

Sunday evening I was planning to go again as I really wanted to grab a couple of newspapers too but my stomach was bothering me and it was still pouring down rain so I decided not to go.

Sigh… that means I will most likely need to go today as we will probably be out of milk soon. I will have to take all the kiddos and the normally soothing sound of raindrops on the tin roof tell me that it is still raining.

I know we need the rain but does it really al have to come at one time? Sorry, my mood has not completely lifted. I really need to get out in the sun and fresh air… maybe I’ve got Cabin Fever? I don’t know but I hope this passes soon.

Hopefully I can get this to post here soon. Then I need to drag out my rain coat and boots to get the laundry started as well. I am reminded of a saying that we need to learn to dance in the rain if we are to be truly happy. Maybe I can find my happy dance on the way to the wash shed today? I really hope so!

Hoping you all have a great week!

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