Mother’s Day Weekend Wrap Up

Oh my! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. We did here but it has left me pretty much exhausted from all the fun.

I was very happy to have completed as much in our kitchen as we did last week. If you missed our progress and missions you can check them out here:

Monday: Kitchen Kleaning Monday Mission: Stove and Spice Storage

Tuesday: Kitchen Kleaning Tuesday Mission: Refrigerator

Wedensday: Kitchen Kleaning Wednesday Mission: Pantry

Thursday: Kitchen Kleaning Thursday Mission: Cabinet Organization

Friday evening we had some special visitors, all the way from Indiana, at our square dance. We enjoyed dancing to Sheila Terhune, Charlie Pergrossi, and Ellis Lindsey as well as our club callers Ken ‘Silver Fox’ Perez and Shane ‘Little Bear’ Perez. And if that wasn’t enough talent in one place we also had round dance cuer Ed Houck with us for the evening! What a way to start off our weekend!

Then Saturday we left out early in the morning to go fishing. I had not been fishing in probably close to two years and had only been fishing on a boat one time so I was excited! They also fish with lures which is something I hadn’t done so there was a bit of a learning curve to it.

This was the view as we headed out Saturday morning! Absolutely beautiful! We did catch a few fish but we also got to see many different animals like an owl, soft shelled turtles, and a few gators. We didn’t see any snakes until later when we got back home.

The kids were excited to see and count all of the fish. They also watched the process of cleaning them and putting them away. Everyone helped to clean up and then they played outside for a bit.

We rode down to the mailbox as Mr. Awesome was expecting some packages and I was super excited to find this for me. Isn’t it pretty?

Saturday night Joey came to me to let me know that ‘this will be the night my tooth is ready to come out’. He will try to keep his loose teeth just as long as he can but he was ready to get it out. We wiggled it a tad and out it popped.

He has had a second tooth that had been loose for what seemed like forever and he asked me to check it too. It was really wiggly and a little stubborn but it did come out. The tooth fairy thought he was a very brave little boy and left him five dollars. He has plans to buy a tackle box with his money.

It was decided that Sunday we would go to a different place to fish.

This was the view as we headed into the lake. Again it was beautiful. The morning was quite peaceful and we enjoyed watching the wildlife as much as fishing. We caught a couple of fish but not as many as the day before. I was so tired though! I guess the early mornings, late nights, and the hot sun had taken their toll on me.

Back home we went to eat a bit of lunch and spend the rest of the day with the family. My oldest daughter and her husband came to visit and we had a quick dinner of oven BBQ chicken, potato salad, pasta salad, baked beans, and some potato chips.

Then we surprised Jacob with an Oreo cake for his birthday which is on Tuesday. He was so excited as Oreos are his favorite cookie. He has given himself the nickname of ‘Happy Birthday Man’.

That evening the kids had their fishing poles and a couple of buckets. They were practicing throwing their lines to hit the buckets. It was funny to watch them but also amazing to see their determination. The look on their faces when they hit the bucket was priceless! I didn’t have my phone on me or I would’ve snapped a couple of pics.

There was quite a bit of whining when it was time to start coming in for baths. Mr. Awesome took over and everyone was clean before heading to bed. I was completely and utterly exhausted so I headed to bed early. I must’ve fell asleep quickly because all I remember is waking up this morning to the sound of the rain on the tin roof.

All in all it was a great weekend. We hope to have many more weekends like this and we hope to create many more wonderful memories as well.

Now to get our week planned out. We will be working on school work and trying to get as much finished up as we can.

The FlyLady zone for the week is the Bathroom plus another room. We organized our bathroom last month so it will be fairly easy to complete the missions in there. I will probably try to get to a few areas that need a deep cleaning in there if I can this week.

As far as the ‘other room’ I haven’t completely decided. I know I have to work in our main closet as the kids have knocked part of the organizer loose. It has to be taken almost completely apart to be fixed which means we will have a big mess while fixing it. That will probably need to wait until Wednesday or Thursday.

The other room I have in mind is William’s room. It isn’t too big and I have some totes of clothes stored under his bed that we need to go through. There should be some summer clothes in there as well as flip flops and maybe some sandals. Caitlyn and Isabella have grown like weeds so we will be ‘shopping’ the totes to find some new outfits and making note of what we need to buy.

Then that means we will be going back to the main closet so we can go through their dressers and get out any clothes that don’t fit to make room for the new ones. We will also be going through the little boys dresser as well as William’s. Once we bag up the clothes we need to pass along we will drop them off at the thrift store.

Hopefully everything will go pretty smoothly this week and we will be able to accomplish our goals. What goals have you set for your week?

Now I’m off to get the day started and wishing you all the best! Have a great week!

Ohhhh! I almost forgot to show you a couple of garden pictures. The kids are really enjoying tending to the garden. The raised beds are pretty nice too as they are a good height for them. We have to do no weeding so far either.

The cucumbers had sprouted and when we checked them yesterday they were a lot bigger than in these pictures. I think we counted 25+ plus tomatoes and many different kinds of peppers. Some other plants had sprouted yesterday too. It may be getting too hot for the lettuce and such but we’ll give it a try and see what happens.

We still need to get a trellis system set up and put a couple of more beds together but maybe we will have a chance to work on that this week or maybe this weekend.

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