Kitchen Kleaning Friday Mission: Final Touches

SO sorry guys! This was set to publish last week but for some reason it didn’t… been having that issue a lot lately so I’m not sure if it is with my internet or what but here it is.

As you know everything have been on a mission to get this little house on the pond organized. Last month was the bathroom and this week our main focus has been in n the kitchen. Our kitchen is small but it has many functions and we’ve been working hard to make it work better for us.

We’ve learned a lot of lessons this week. We’ve learned that is really is nice to be organized and when everything has a place life is much easier and so much less frustrating. We’ve also learned that our family can work very well together to achieve our goals. This is amazing as we’ve been having a few issues with our ‘tweenager’ who normally doesn’t want to help out at all. This week she has been asking for tasks to do!

I have shown the kids time management skills as well as organizational lessons. They are also learning to be more responsible with the exception of pencil sharpeners.

We’ve also had a lot of fun rearranging things and talking about random ideas that pop in our heads. We’ve worked together to pick out items for the kitchen and came up with ideas for decorating the rest of the house too. Hopefully by incorporating everyone into the planning process it will pull everyone together and help us to reach our goals together.

We have an art project in mind for the kitchen window so hopefully we will be posting pics of that soon!

This week has been a wonderful week. We have accomplished so much more than what I had expected.

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