Kitchen Kleaning Thursday Mission: Cabinet Organization

I am so happy with the progress we have made this week. The whole family has been chipping in with tasks, working together, and surprisingly enough fighting a lot less! Maybe we should have started this a while back.

We didn’t have very much left to do in the kitchen. It seems we have kind of found a rhythm and developed our own little process for tackling these areas. The biggest thing is to remember to break the big tasks down into smaller tasks. I’ve found that once we’ve completed a couple of smaller tasks it helps to motivate us to the next one.

Jacob was super motivated. He was up early in the morning and snuck a drink or two of my coffee so he could be ready to work. After getting dressed he came to help with breakfast.

I wasn’t sure what he was doing but he had a sneaky little grin on his face. Then I realized that the next batch of pancakes had some chocolate swirls … he is definitely my little chef and loves helping in the kitchen.

My kids are definitely my motivation as I want to teach them by example. I hope they are learning some lessons that will stick with them as they get older. I also hope that they are learning that work can be fun and it goes a lot faster when you help each other out.

I have a neat idea for my kitchen window but I need to make a trip to the Dollar store and/or the thrift store for supplies. Hopefully I’ll get to do that soon.

We had quite a few things on our To-Do list like laundry, schoolwork, and knocking a couple of things off our our weekly ‘home blessing’. I also planned to file away my coupons, clean out the coupon binder, submit receipts for the cash back apps, and clean off my work space a little bit. Some of it was finished and some was left for another day.

So now to get started in this kitchen …. what cabinet to start with first? The left side? The right side? The bottom cabinets or the top? So many decisions but the main decision was to just get started. I thought we’d start with the the top left and work our way from top to bottom across the wall.

Here’s how we did today with today’s mission.

We were able to organize the basket with the spice packets and moved them from the top shelf so I can reach them easier. The top shelf now holds the tea bags, a small basket with other teas, coffee filters (I am using these for snack holders as we don’t have a coffee pot anymore.), and the k-cups which have just been stacked on the microwave before.

The next shelf holds our collection of insulated cups which are used for just about anything. They have been in various locations throughout the kitchen and usually end up in a pile beside the dish rack and mixer.

Now the bottom shelf has the spice packets, bread crumbs, the lazy Susan which now holds the sugar and flavorings for our coffee, and a small basket with vitamins and a few medicines. The rest of the medicines and supplements have been moved to the bathroom. I had thought about moving them all but I kept a few here as many times I’ll have a headache or someone else will need something but the bathroom is occupied.

Next item on the list was the counter under these cabinets.



We cleared it completely and gave it a good cleaning. Then we gave everything else a good cleaning before placing it back. I had some shelf paper out on the counter and the kids saw it. I explained that I use it to make things look pretty and to make them easier to wipe.

They had a few ideas so we tried them out.


Then here was another idea.


Caitlyn went back to finish her school work while the boys ran off with the scraps of shelf paper. I moved on to the bottom cabinets which weren’t that bad but I did change a couple of things.


I think this little bit of change is going to help a lot as far as making things easier to access. (We use disposable plates when we need to clean up quickly so I put them here for the kids to reach.)

Now to the drawers on this side of the kitchen.

Not a big difference except that I moved the items we don’t use a lot to the farthest drawer and cleaned out the drawers. I also got rid of a few items like the Elmo sandwich cutter…. shhhh!

Then came this funky little space between the wall and the bottom cabinets. I couldn’t get a good picture but this is the stuff we had there.


We said goodbye to all of the plastic stuff and set the other to the side until I got out everything from the funky space on the other side of the cabinets.

I have a lot of cake decorating supplies because I did do a lot of that once upon a time and this is something I really do enjoy but our kitchen was so frustrating that it often seemed like more trouble than it was worth to find everything. I am hoping to start doing a lot more in the future.

Some of the non food stuff I have had from high school! I went threw everything and threw out the old colorings, fondants, and toppers. This allowed me to condense everything too. Then we gave everything a good cleaning. I love how well these little sponges work for this.


I was then able to stack the items in the space to the right. The serving platters and some cookie sheets that were too big for the cabinets went to the left near the stove. I was also able to find the griddle a new home over there.

Ahhhh…. so now to the bottom cabinet, home of the storage cabinets. The cabinet we didn’t want to open for fear of an avalanche.


I found a few things down here that I had been looking for like this casserole dish and these pie plates for the garden. It was almost like winning the lottery, ok well maybe not but it did make me happy.

After going through the containers we were able to use a leftover basket to store all of the wraps in. These had been kinda here and there before which is probably why I have so many open rolls. We also gave the pitchers a new home under here.

Moving on to the drawers on this side of the kitchen.


The silverware drawer just needed a little cleaning so we emptied everything and washed it. I also got rid of several of those little medicine cups and scoops that seem to multiply like crazy.

Then the other drawer was partially emptied when I moved the wraps so we just put our reusable straws and miscellaneous items that we don’t use often very often along with the knife sharpener and the cheesecloth (I use this for Blackberry Pig in a Poke) in here. I was kinda hoping to move the dish towels and rags here but the drawer wasn’t big enough so they’ll stay under the sink.

Now the counter top, which I didn’t get a before picture of, was cleared and wiped down. The kids used my little sponges to clean the dish rack and I used one to wipe down the mixer and the knife block. It’s crazy how dirty things can get. This is how it looks now.

Not the greatest picture but I promise this is so much better than it was.

Now the dish cabinet which was partially emptied when I relocated some other items.

Not really a lot of change but we did get rid of some of those cups. Then I found a home on the top shelf for the cookie cutters I had found.

Next I cleaned everything on the tops of all the cabinets and rearranged a couple of items. I wiped down the cabinet doors while fixing dinner and also cleaned out the drawers in the rolling cart. They have just been a cluttered mess since we moved in. We now have a dedicated ‘junk drawer’ that has miscellaneous tools and such plus a drawer for the kids to keep their glasses and cleaning supplies in.

Here is a picture of the awesome cleaner I used on the cabinets… I know it’s for the floors but it works amazing at getting the greasy smudges off. It worked so good on the floors I just had to give it a try and I love the almond scent. I got this in one of my latest shipments from Grove. (Please note that this is not the intended use for this so you may want to try it on a small inconspicuous area before wiping it all over your cabinets.)


Here is a couple of pictures of the reorganized kitchen. I still need to clean the window and use the vacuum cleaner to clean out the cobwebs but it is so much better than it was. I’ve made a couple of small changes and I’m sure there will be a few more over the next week or so as we use the kitchen. Overall this has made a big difference and the kitchen feels so much more comfortable!


We are very happy to have accomplished this task. The kids are coming up with a plan of attack for the rest of the house now.

I hope you all have had a wonderful week and I pray that everyone has a beautiful Mother’s Day weekend!

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