Kitchen Kleaning Tuesday Mission: Refrigerator

Well today has been a bit more eventful than I planned. I am writing most of this post on the way to a dance. We did accomplish quite a bit today though.

My goal was to get the refrigerator corner of the kitchen cleaned and organized a bit.

Here is the before:

It might not look too bad and it really wasn’t. It was just a bit cluttered. I started at the top and cleared the fridge. Jacob helped me ‘organize’ everything.

Here is the after:

Then I went ahead and moved the fridge away from the wall to clean behind it.

I got rid of a couple of the cleaning utensils that I haven’t used since we moved in. Jacob helped to wipe down the sides and back of the fridge. I used the broom to clean the vents on the back of the fridge and I also wiped off the wall too. (I wiped the wall around the stove yesterday too.) Then we wiped down the front and cleaned the grill on the bottom.

Next we worked on the inside and gave it a good wiping out. (We try to clean/wipe it out on a weekly basis, usually the day before we go grocery shopping so we can take inventory of what we may need.)


Much better! We cleaned the baskets and the cooker that went back on top of the fridge. (Yes, I do have a couple of affiliate links in this post.)

This stainless steel cleaner from Affresh is great for shining up those appliances! We wiped down the step stool and the sides of the trash can too.

So much better! This took about 45 minutes to complete even with all of the help I had. 😉

I had thought about rewriting my freezer board but I will probably go grocery shopping tomorrow so I’ll just wait to update it then. It has been such a lifesaver. We just got a new freezer as my old one went out and I have never been more organized! That’s a story for another day though. (I’ll try to post some pics or maybe I can do a short video and show you guys how we have the freezers organized… haven’t done any videos in a while so I guess I’m overdue.)

So now we are off to the dance. Running a tad bit late because of an unforeseen event but all is well now.


The dance was great and we send our congratulations to all of the new graduates. We also had a chance to enjoy a great dinner at Roy’s where I had the Coconut Shrimp… yum… I even saved enough for lunch tomorrow.

God Bless and have a wonderful day!

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