Kitchen Kleaning Monday Mission: Stove and Spice Storage

If you read yesterday’s post you probably know that I am in the process of cleaning my kitchen. Now it had a fairly thorough cleaning last August before we moved in and I have rearranged a few things here and there but it is still a work in progress. Small house living has its pros and cons and can be quite aggravating when you can’t get to things you need on a regular basis.

Last month I tackled that problem in our bathroom and reorganized it from top to bottom in one day! Now it still needs a thorough cleaning and a bit of work but it is much more user friendly and I have a much better storage area too. You can check out more here.

The kitchen was next on my list as that happens to be the FlyLady Zone right now. (I love this site!) My first mission was to tackle the stove area. This whole project took me 30-45 minutes (in between loads of laundry and helping with schoolwork) to complete.

I started by organizing the cabinet above the stove where I keep a lot of spices and cooking oils. I couldn’t close the doors completely before I began and that was driving me bonkers. I tossed any old spices while cleaning too and was able to make room for some of my extra cooking oils that I had in a different cabinet. Yay!

I keep my baking supplies and flavorings in one basket. My other spices are in another to make it easier for me to get to them. I just reach up, grab the basket down, get what I need, and put the basket away. No digging through the cabinet looking for that bottle of poppy seeds.

Next I cleaned the exhaust fan/hood, light, and filter. After that I took the knobs off the stove and cleaned them well too. The cooktop itself was in pretty good shape as I recently cleaned it with these Affresh wipes I got from Crowtap. (Yep, that’s an affiliate link and there may be another one or two below.) You can check out my Instagram feed for some before and after pics. They do have some great products.

After the cooktop I decided to go ahead and wipe out the oven really quickly. Then the sides and front of the stove too.

I was gonna tackle the bottom drawer but decided to leave it for another day as I was running out of the time I had set for myself. I always wash out these items before using them anyways so it wasn’t top priority for me right now.

Next I moved the stove and swept behind and under it. I’m always afraid of what I might find back there but it wasn’t too awful bad this time.

Then I decided to go through the spice racks on the wall. We put those up after we moved in to hold the spices we use on a regular basis. I gave the shelves and bottles a quick wipe down. I even cleaned out my salt and pepper shakers and refilled them.

And here are the after pics:

Cabinets are completely closed and everything looks so much nicer. I almost didn’t wanna cook dinner last night… lol. This was a very manageable project for me yesterday but then again yesterday was a really good day. I am praying for many more days like that in the future.

Yesterday evening was finished off with a great dance in Jacksonville at the Mandarin Marauders. I didn’t get any pics of my outfit… haven’t been remembering to that lately but I will try to start again.


The two little boys tagged along and had fun playing with the bristle blocks and tablets.  (Our block set didn’t have a carrying case so we just used an old cookie tin. These blocks area always a big hit at the dances and I often find the adults playing with them too.) We grabbed a bite to eat on the way home and then a chocolate milkshake for dessert … yum!

Today I have been up since before 4:00 … not sure if it is a side effect from that milkshake as I haven’t had much sugar lately or maybe, hopefully, my energy is returning. Insomnia can be both a blessing and a curse as I’ve written two blog posts but I’ve also been on Amazon looking up things that I have been thinking about. While writing this post I’ve ordered some line dancing videos and some pantyhose… kind of random but I have been thinking about teaching some line dances for the past couple of months, like I don’t already have enough on my plate, and I really needed some new pantyhose. I’ve had a tough time finding some that will last through more than one or two dances … recommendations are greatly needed!

My other projects today include our regular chores and routines (I probably need to update these at some point but for the most part we stick to a similar schedule.), throwing some chicken in the crockpot for Chicken in a Biscuit later tonight, Chili Mac N Cheese with Baked Eggplant, schoolwork, clipping and organizing some coupons (Yep, I am finally getting back into that routine. You can check out me out on Facebook @KirbysKoupons or join our new Kirby’s Koupons Group for freebies, deals, samples, and tips to save money.), hopefully tackling the refrigerator area of the kitchen, and then we have a Graduation Dance in Steinhatchee to attend tonight. We will be eating at Roy’s which is a wonderful little seafood restaurant right on the water. So pretty! I’m excited to go visit that area again and I highly recommend it to anyone visiting the area. I’m sure I’m forgetting something but fingers crossed I have it written down somewhere or I have a reminder set on my phone.

Well, I better get busy as the kids will be up soon and I’m sure they’ll be starving as usual. I think the boys are going through some kind of growth spurt because all they do is eat right now and today is one of their favorite breakfasts, French Toast. My phone is also buzzing with people messaging about the dance tonight … so much to do but I am so blessed! I thank God for each and every day and for all that he has done and will do for me and my family and for yours!

Have a blessed day!

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