April’s Bathroom Mission

I know I’ve mentioned a couple of times about the bathroom decluttering I did last month so I figured I’d give you guys a peek of what I did.

I didn’t take before photos but here are a few of the afters… a big improvement! I’m glad I was able to get most of the cleaning supplies in the locked cabinet. (Yep, that’s my vacuum in the bathroom because I still haven’t found a better place for it and that’s my press on the table too!) I did add another shelf in this cabinet which helped out a lot!


Below is a peek under the sink. I have the cleaning rags and hand towels easily accessible plus some air fresheners, spray starch (this was in the locked cabinet but it was a pain to get to), and a small first aid kit that the kids and guests can use. I keep cleaning wipes down here too because with this many people using one bathroom we often need to give the bathroom a quick ‘freshen up’. Please don’t mind that dirty rug as we did have a lot of fun this weekend and it will get washed today or tomorrow.

Then this is the cabinet behind the door where I store some of the other items. I labeled the shelves and baskets with masking tape to make it easier for everyone to find what they need. I did manage to get rid of a trash bag if things we weren’t using plus another half a bag of things to donate.


Now that we can see what we have we can use up some of this stuff instead of going out and buying more right away! I know this may not seem like much to anyone else but this was a major victory to me in many ways as I was happy to finally have enough energy to tackle it. Also that I finally stopped procrastinating and got it done as a lot of the stuff had just been tossed in the cabinets when we moved and never organized. One room closer to my total vision.

Next mission in this room will be to start giving it a thorough clean from top to bottom as it desperately needs it. I am also gonna try out this cleaning solution I found on Facebook for that shower! Hard water is no fun and it is a hard job trying to stay on top of the stains it leaves.

I’ll let you all know how that works and I’ll try to post some before/after pics when I try it. Until then I hope you all have a wonderful week!

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