Family Fun Weekend

I was hoping to have this published last night but I was exhausted and it just didn’t happen. That seems to be too normal here lately but I am making progress towards feeling better and I am hopeful that soon I will be back to my old self once again.

This weekend was a bit busy with invitations to birthday parties, meetings, and errands that we needed to get finished up around the house. There were a lot of things that we wanted to do but only a few that we accomplished. We weren’t able to attend the birthday party as we already had other plans but we do plan to meet up with family next month for a day at the river.First went to look at a piece of property and got in a nice little nature walk while doing so. It was so peaceful and quiet in the woods and the river was beautiful. This place would be a perfect little camping hideaway for sure with the woods and the river nearby.

After this little adventure we went out to eat, as a family, which doesn’t happen too often but it was a great treat. We ate at the Ole Times Country Buffet and everyone ate their fill! Afterwards we headed home and much of Saturday afternoon was spent teaching the kids to cast a rod in the pond. They got quite good at catching some smaller brim and they learned to catch minnows by hand which requires some skill and improves their hand eye coordination for sure.

Sunday the kiddos had some more fun fishing and they also got to play in the water a bit… can’t say that I was too pleased at first but the smiles on their muddy little faces quickly changed my mind and reminded me of my childhood days spent playing in the creek. We did make sure to establish some ground or should I say water rules to keep every safe.

I wish I had gotten more pictures but my phone was on charge and we had misplaced Mr. Awesome’s phone for a bit.

Then Sunday evening we went shopping for fishing poles so everyone would have their own. The kids are so excited and can’t wait to use them. We also got a few packets of seeds and some more dirt for our garden area. The kids are really loving this too as it means they get to be outside more and they get to play with the water hose which is always a ton of fun.

The weekend was not all pleasant as we had a not so wonderful meltdown which was quite possibly the result of too much sugar at the buffet… got to take the good with the bad though and we managed to get through it.

I also had a message on the answering machine that had me a bit upset… it was one of those messages where someone thought they had hung up the phone but they hadn’t. Let’s just say that I always try not to say anything out loud that I wouldn’t want others to hear… on the positive at least I know how this person truly feels now.

As if that weren’t enough I also had some drama with my ex husband… I really hate drama but it does seem to follow me and then it seems to hit all at one time. Better to deal with it all at once and get it over with, I guess.

All of this did have me in a slightly ill mood Saturday evening but I eventually got over it.  It doesn’t do anyone any good to be cranky…

We also have had a bit of mess to clean after have seven wet, muddy kids tromping through the house all weekend but I am so glad that we did get to have this little bit of family fun time and we definitely made some memories that they will cherish for a lifetime. I am looking forward to many more weekends like this past one and we are looking forward to a busy week.

We have several dances to attend this week, one of which is a graduation dance which should be lots of fun, and the kids are excited to be attending a couple of them also. They are so ready to learn and we will probably start them in class when the next one starts up. The past few months I have been learning Plus and I have learned quite a bit which allows me to dance a lot more.

The boys have finished their school work but the girlies have not. So we are trudging along trying to get everything finished by the last Friday in May so that we can have us an End of School party of some sort. I have also been trying to come up with some different ideas for our next year’s schooling.

I am working in my kitchen this week. I reorganized the entire bathroom last month but I really overdid myself as I did the whole project in one day! I was so exhausted it took me over a week to recover and I didn’t get to go back in and finish up some of the cleaning I wanted to tackle… but maybe this month I’ll get to it.

This time I am trying to keep it a bit less tiring and breaking it down into smaller projects. Today was my stove, cabinets above the stove, and the spice rack. I am working on a post for that to show you what I’ve accomplished and to help keep myself accountable.

Small house living has been a bit more stressful than I thought it would be but everyday we are learning more ways to make life easier and the break that we had this weekend was just what I needed to keep me motivated.

Well, that’s all for today folks as my timer is going off which means I need to get in the shower, get the clothes ready for tonight, make sure the kiddos get showers and get ready, throw some Popover Pizza in the oven, and get these hungry kids some snacks!

Have a blessed week!

2 thoughts on “Family Fun Weekend

  1. Susie, wonderful blog. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and as usual, I’m even more amazed at the energy you always have. I am so thrilled to know such a super talented lady!

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