Raised Pallet Garden

I’m excited to finally be able to start blogging again. The past few months have been hard… really hard… as I’ve been recuperating (I’m still not quite 100%) but I am feeling so much better the past couple of weeks.

We’ve had quite a few exciting things happen over the time that I’ve been resting.

Last month Mr. Awesome and I went to Orlando and did a square dance event at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge. It was such an amazing experience and I wish I could post pics and the cute video but do to privacy policies I can’t do either of those.

I also started a new health program through Xyngular which has been amazing. You can contact me on Facebook if you want more information and I can put you in touch with my wonderful health coaches.

Fast forward to this past weekend and we made a couple of raised beds. I didn’t have a garden of any kind last year and we all missed it. The kids had even been asking for a garden because they like to play in the dirt. There is just something about playing with warm fresh dirt that has a calming effect… not to mention that the fresh air and sunlight are really nice too.

It was really simple to make these beds as Mr. Awesome had some old pallets laying around. I stacked some of the smaller ones two high to make a platform for the larger ones.

Then the larger ones we turned upside down and staples some weed fabric to the bottom and up the sides. We then flipped them over and placed them on the platform.

We filled them with dirt, each bed got about 6 cubic Ft of dirt but we need approximately 2 more cubic Ft as I misjudged the sizes. The kids loved dumping the dirt in and spreading it out.

Then we planted some tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, herbs, and a couple of marigolds that the kiddos bought. After planting everything we watered them well and admired our work.

We still have some room for lettuce, cucumbers, and maybe some squash. We may end up doing a couple more beds later this week too.

So far they are working out well and we are excited to see how well the plants are doing. We have several small peppers and green tomatoes already as well as lots of blooms on the other plants.

We will be figuring out a trellis system soon as some of the plants are needing some support. I’ll try to update the post when we get it up.

I can’t wait for some fried green tomatoes or a fresh tomato sandwich… making my mouth water.

Have you put out a garden yet? If so, what’s your favorite things to grow?

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