Pi Day Party With Numbers Alive

As many of you may know this past Wednesday was ‘Pi Day’ as the date 3-14 represents Pi (3.14). We celebrated here at house with a Pi Party… lol… we had everyone bring their favorite pie, some people brought pizza pies, and we just had a great time. Our Party was a Featured Party opportunity from Tryazon. There were 249 similar parties taking
place last week here in the United States.

In addition to the pies we also had some fun activities to do. NumbersAlive! has some really unique items, like the Plush Pi that we used in several of the photos, that really help to get the kids engaged in learning new concepts and ideas. The kids also loved trying on the Pi Refraction Glasses and playing with the Pocket Pi tape.


All in all we had a great time with family and friends and the kids learned a bit too while having fun. (We are already making plans for our next Pi Party. Hopefully this time next year will be a little less chaotic for me as I am still dealing with some health issues.)


NumbersAlive! specializes in explaining mathematical concepts with every-day language to uncomplicated math for all children without using worksheets or flash cards. The plush toys allow children a hands on opportunity to interact with numbers. They can also serve as a visual aid or just be an educational play toy. These toys and products are especially useful with my special needs children who learn best with hands on activities. My younger kids really like to play so it is a win win for us here. I do encourage you to check out the NumbersAlive! site and see the variety of items they have to help you teach and encourage your children and keep learning fun!

Tryazon is a program dedicated to getting new and interesting products into homes with fun settings like the party we hosted. They offer excellent product samples and savings for all who participate. We are so thankful to have been chosen for this opportunity.


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