Product Review: Instant Peel Exfoliant by Earthen Skin Care

Has this winter weather done a number on your skin like it has mine? My face has been dry and rough and it needed a little bit of pampering. Well the kind folks at Earthen Skin Care sent me a free sample of their Instant Peel Exfoliant product and let me tell you that it did make a difference. My rough, dry, dull skin was immediately transformed and now it feels soft and silky smooth, not to mention that it has a nice glow to it as well. img_1855

This product was designed as a natural alternative to those acid peels and the dermabrasion treatments. The ingredients found in Instant Peel Exfoliant work together to gently and effectively peel away those layers of dead skin cells that make your skin appear dull. It has also been tested and proven safe for sensitive skin.

This was really simple to use and is easiest to use in the shower even though I didn’t do that when I made the video. I was truly amazed at the whole process and Mr. Awesome was pretty impressed with the way my face felt afterwards as well.

They recommend that you steam your face for five minutes or so… I did try to steam it as I was giving the three younger boys a shower…


Then you take a small amount on your fingertips and massage it onto your skin and the dead skin will begin to peel off. Keep rubbing until the dead skin quits coming off.


Kinda gross…


Next you rinse it off …. and Voila! your skin is glowing… so simple!


I followed up with a little bit of my favorite moisturizer as well.

Here is the little video I put together for the product:


After using it on my face I decided to give it a try on my neck and I was very impressed! If you want to check out this product or their line of other products here is the link:

You can also check out some of the amazing customer reviews for this product and others on their site.

I’ve got a few other pampering products that I hope to be sharing with you all shortly.

#instantpeel #earthenglow #beautifulskin

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